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  20180520 - Proposed Simpson Deset trip
Posted by: troopiepete - 11-08-2017, 11:04 PM - Forum: 2018 Mad Hay Simpson - Replies (5)


I know you are all saying did we not just do a Simpson Trip!

So what I want to go Back and several of us will still have valid SA Desert Passes so why not!

Looking at this being a 3 week trip crossing the Desert Twice - only issue is the 2nd crossing is almost 900Km between Fuel stations...
Long Range tanks anyone   Big Grin 

Ok I have only spent a few hours putting this together and it needs heaps of peaking and the finish of the trip has a big hole... Maybe this is where we rest for a few days or maybe it's to allow more time in the Desert if we want - its up to you..

Attached Files
.xls   Simpson trip 2018.xls (Size: 50.5 KB / Downloads: 109)
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  2000 Bulldusts
Posted by: troopiepete - 10-08-2017, 12:45 AM - Forum: Past Bulldust Newsleters - No Replies

Year 2000 Bulldusts for your reading pleasure

Updated Aug 2017

.pdf   2000 01 Bulldust.pdf (Size: 1.59 MB / Downloads: 93)

.pdf   2000 02 Bulldust.pdf (Size: 1.3 MB / Downloads: 72)

.pdf   2000 03 Bulldust.pdf (Size: 1.66 MB / Downloads: 104)

.pdf   2000 04 Bulldust.pdf (Size: 1.88 MB / Downloads: 66)

.pdf   2000 05 Bulldust.pdf (Size: 1.78 MB / Downloads: 69)

.pdf   2000 06 Bulldust.pdf (Size: 2.06 MB / Downloads: 80)

.pdf   2000 07 Bulldust.pdf (Size: 1.68 MB / Downloads: 112)

.pdf   2000 08 Bulldust.pdf (Size: 1.77 MB / Downloads: 86)

.pdf   2000 09 Bulldust.pdf (Size: 1.63 MB / Downloads: 110)

.pdf   2000 10 Bulldust.pdf (Size: 1.68 MB / Downloads: 96)

.pdf   2000 11 Bulldust.pdf (Size: 2.02 MB / Downloads: 73)

.pdf   2000 12 Bulldust.pdf (Size: 1.75 MB / Downloads: 109)

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  2006 Bulldusts
Posted by: troopiepete - 10-08-2017, 12:35 AM - Forum: Past Bulldust Newsleters - No Replies

2006 Bulldusts for your reading pleasure

Updated Aug2017

.pdf   2006 01 January Bulldust.pdf (Size: 1.04 MB / Downloads: 86)

.pdf   2006 02 February Bulldust.pdf (Size: 1.33 MB / Downloads: 98)

.pdf   2006 03 March Bulldust.pdf (Size: 1.11 MB / Downloads: 78)

.pdf   2006 04 April Bulldust.pdf (Size: 737.13 KB / Downloads: 96)

.pdf   2006 05 May Bulldust.pdf (Size: 1.02 MB / Downloads: 86)

.pdf   2006 06 June Bulldust.pdf (Size: 924.68 KB / Downloads: 112)

.pdf   2006 08 August bulldust.pdf (Size: 859.33 KB / Downloads: 85)

.pdf   2006 09 Sep Bulldust.pdf (Size: 735.45 KB / Downloads: 78)

.pdf   2006 10 Oct Bulldust.pdf (Size: 329.16 KB / Downloads: 84)

.pdf   2006 11 Nov Bulldust.pdf (Size: 231.62 KB / Downloads: 83)

.pdf   2006 12 Dec Bulldust.pdf (Size: 696.87 KB / Downloads: 90)

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  2007 Bulldusts
Posted by: troopiepete - 10-08-2017, 12:20 AM - Forum: Past Bulldust Newsleters - No Replies

2007 Bulldusts for your reading pleasure

Updated Aug 2017

.pdf   2007 02 Feb Bulldust.pdf (Size: 134.74 KB / Downloads: 73)

.pdf   2007 03 Mar Bulldust.pdf (Size: 184.29 KB / Downloads: 81)

.pdf   2007 04 Apr Bulldust.pdf (Size: 188.76 KB / Downloads: 95)

.pdf   2007 05 May Bulldust.pdf (Size: 354.81 KB / Downloads: 71)

.pdf   2007 07 Jul Bulldust.pdf (Size: 314.33 KB / Downloads: 70)

.pdf   2007 10 October Bulldust.pdf (Size: 1.09 MB / Downloads: 96)

.pdf   2007 12 December Bulldust.pdf (Size: 1.15 MB / Downloads: 86)

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  2013 Bulldusts
Posted by: troopiepete - 09-08-2017, 11:57 PM - Forum: Past Bulldust Newsleters - No Replies

This is a Combined edition due to a lack of time during the year.. too many trips Angel

Attached Files
.pdf   2013 01 - 10 Bulldust.pdf (Size: 2.74 MB / Downloads: 65)
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  2012 Bulldusts
Posted by: troopiepete - 09-08-2017, 11:18 PM - Forum: Past Bulldust Newsleters - No Replies

For your Reading Pleasure

Attached Files
.pdf   2012 03 Bulldust.pdf (Size: 1.27 MB / Downloads: 100)
.pdf   2012 02 Bulldust.pdf (Size: 557.73 KB / Downloads: 102)
.pdf   2012 04 Bulldust.pdf (Size: 1.35 MB / Downloads: 92)
.pdf   2012 05 Bulldust.pdf (Size: 1.53 MB / Downloads: 102)
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  2011 Bulldusts
Posted by: troopiepete - 09-08-2017, 11:09 PM - Forum: Past Bulldust Newsleters - No Replies

For your reading Pleasure

Attached Files
.pdf   2011 01 Bulldust.pdf (Size: 5.06 MB / Downloads: 87)
.pdf   2011 02 Bulldust.pdf (Size: 1.01 MB / Downloads: 85)
.pdf   2011 03 Bulldust.pdf (Size: 1.88 MB / Downloads: 85)
.pdf   2011 04 Bulldust.pdf (Size: 649.71 KB / Downloads: 84)
.pdf   2011 05 Bulldust.pdf (Size: 1.82 MB / Downloads: 76)
.pdf   2011 06 Bulldust.pdf (Size: 442.78 KB / Downloads: 83)
.pdf   2011 08 Bulldust.pdf (Size: 1.04 MB / Downloads: 86)
.pdf   2011 11 Bulldust.pdf (Size: 1.26 MB / Downloads: 95)
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  2010 Bulldust
Posted by: troopiepete - 09-08-2017, 11:05 PM - Forum: Past Bulldust Newsleters - No Replies

For your Reading Pleasure

Attached Files
.pdf   2010 01 Jan Bulldust.pdf (Size: 1.06 MB / Downloads: 87)
.pdf   2010 02 Feb Bulldust.pdf (Size: 2.69 MB / Downloads: 63)
.pdf   2010 03 March Bulldust.pdf (Size: 2.28 MB / Downloads: 60)
.pdf   2010 04 April Bulldust.pdf (Size: 4.13 MB / Downloads: 71)
.pdf   2010 05 May Bulldust.pdf (Size: 2.18 MB / Downloads: 53)
.pdf   2010 06 June Bulldust.pdf (Size: 1.12 MB / Downloads: 83)
.pdf   2010 07 July Bulldust.pdf (Size: 358.72 KB / Downloads: 68)
.pdf   2010 08 Aug Bulldust.pdf (Size: 402.24 KB / Downloads: 97)
.pdf   2010 10 Buldust.pdf (Size: 5.97 MB / Downloads: 59)
.pdf   2010 11 Nov Bulldust.pdf (Size: 560.77 KB / Downloads: 77)
.pdf   2010 12 Dec Bulldust.pdf (Size: 952.02 KB / Downloads: 79)
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  Sunrover Tours has tour guide positions available
Posted by: troopiepete - 02-08-2017, 09:12 PM - Forum: Vendor Advertising - Deals for members - No Replies

To whom it may concern,
Sunrover Tours has 2 part time and 1 full time tour guide positions available.
Great training provided in-house and on the islands. Small group tours with
great island facilities. Hoping you can pass the information onto all your members.
We are based at Redcliffe with tours departing from Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Rainbow Beach.
Rob is the manager arranging the next job interviews days.
Kind Regards,
Sunrover Team

[Image: logo-sig.jpg]
1-5 day 4WD Small Group Adventure Tours
With over 25 years departing from:
Brisbane - Noosa - Rainbow Beach - Sunshine Coast
* World Heritage listed Fraser Island
* Moreton Island National Park
* Great Barrier Reef - Lady Elliot Island
* Carnarvon Gorge Outback

[Image: logo-Nature-Tourism-Certified-Advanced.jpg]

Phone: (07) 3203 4241
Freecall: 1800 353 717

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  2017 AGM August 9
Posted by: daggy - 13-07-2017, 07:45 PM - Forum: General chat - Replies (7)

Ladies and Gents


AGM at the Moorooka hall at 7.30pm on 9 August 2017.  

At last night's not meeting, the not committee decided that this year dinner for the evening will be steak, sausages, fried onion, bread rolls, coleslaw and potato salad.   The plan is Kris will buy the tucker, bring the BBQ and hopefully we will get the BBQ underway around 6.30pm.  We hope to have the tucker on the table just after 7.00pm.

What we really need to know is are you coming and how many are you?  We don't want to buy too much or too little.  Let us know by no later than Friday 4 August 2017.

Hopefully there will be a video and photo presentation of the desert trip, don't miss this!!!

Discussion on the Xmas party, time to lock in the location.

Most importanty, all positions will be declared vacant and maybe we will see some new faces on the committee.

We are feeding:
Darryl x 1
Doc x 1
Les x 1
Kris x 2
Johnny x 1
Steve x 1
Victor x 1
PeteR x 1
Peter Wolf Creek I know cars H x 1
Clint x 1

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  2017 July 12 Meeting
Posted by: daggy - 10-07-2017, 06:42 PM - Forum: General chat - Replies (1)

Speaking with Paul today.  As discussed at the last meeting, there won't be a meeting this week, however a few will still be there from about 6.30pm to 7.30pm.  Remember there is a game of footy on.  We can still discuss upcoming trips, Xmas and anything that we feel like.

Also most important is that we start to turn our mind to the AGM we can work out what we do food wise and discuss any positions that people may be looking at nominating for.  I'm sure there are a few of the committee that want/deserve a break.  Being a small club those that turn up on Wednesday can make a decision as to what food and drink we have.

A quick reminder that membership fees are now due $70 for the year.

See some of you there.

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Posted by: Jonesfamily6 - 05-07-2017, 07:34 PM - Forum: New to the Forum - Please introduce yourself - Replies (1)

Hi everyone.  My names evan. Im from south ripley in ipswich. Drive a 2013 isuzu mu-x.my wife maali and i Have 4 girls 5 6 8 and 10. Looking forward to getting out on some drives when i can as i work over in wa .

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  2018 Cape York
Posted by: daggy - 28-06-2017, 08:23 PM - Forum: Club Trips - Replies (5)

Well after a conversation with Kris about the Cape a few weeks ago I found myself doing some trip planning.  As such with permission to travel I am keen to go again.  Express you interest here as from previous experience the sooner you start planning and the further out the more enjoyable the trip will be.

When will we go, just have to be between May and September.  What will we see, well that is still to be decided, about the only thing that would be set is 4 weeks Brisbane to Brisbane.  If your interested let us know here.  Most importantly start advising on the places that you want to see, 4 weeks is not that long but most things can be done.

Even if you not coming and know of some iconic places, don't hold back.

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  2017 November 18-19 Xmas
Posted by: daggy - 19-06-2017, 04:45 PM - Forum: Club Trips - Replies (18)

At the June meeting we had a quick discussion relating to when and where to have this year's Xmas break up.

Friends of mine own and run Aloomba Lavender at Liston in New South Wales just outside of Stanthorpe.  At the meeting I did say that the cost was $15 per adult and $5 per child.  I have just had this verified as $15 per site (2 persons) and $5 per site.  All level camp sites.  We will be able to camp in a separate area (by ourselves) away from other campers.  Still the same distance from the showers and toilets.  Firewood supplied at no extra charge, as it is for all campers.  

A little bit about Aloomba Lavender, it is run by Peter and Tere Bonner.  Tere was the home economics teacher at the local high school and now makes the best scones.  Devonshire tea or coffee is well worth it.  There are about 6 acres of lavender which hopefully should be in flower in later November, only the weather knows.

More here http://www.aloombalavender.com.au/

The area is easily accessed from the Mount Lindsay Highway and is sealed road all the way in from Stanthorpe, so if towing a van or driving a two wheel drive vehicle there is no problem.  

Some have asked about the possibility of a wine tour.  I have spoken with a local tourist company, pick up and drop off at Aloomba, starts about 9.30am until 4.00pm, includes lunch at a brewery and then a number of stops at the local wineries.  Cost is around $100 each, depending on numbers we could have the bus to ourselves.

I have made a tentative booking for the 18th and 19th.

I am currently looking into some other options to the winery tour.  Undercliffe Falls is a short drive where there are some waterholes that are good for a swim.

Further discussion at the AGM in August.  Any questions, ask me and I'll try and answer.

We are going to Aloomba Lavender for our Xmas party.  Departure times for leaving BP Aratula will be posted closer to the day.  However, we are looking for who (and how many) are coming and what day you will travel there.

Merv and Margaret (2)
Paul and family (3)
Darryl (1)

Kris and Elizabeth (2)
Steve (1)
Peter (1)
Doc (2)
Paul (2)
Peter and family (I can't count that high)

We will be accommodated in the Triangle Paddock.  If you are arriving on Friday, head down the driveway and make your way to the office/carpark/campground and see Tere or Peter in the shop and they will direct you to the camp site.

Travelling on Saturday, want to travel with the group.  MEET AT BP ARATULA AT 7.00AM FOR A 7.30AM DEPARTURE.

On arrival at Alloomba you will see where those that arrived Friday are camped.  Head straight to this area and then you can walk over to the office/shop and sort the other things out.  Did I say Tere does the best scones (ever).

Saturday plans are fairly simple, after lunch we can go for a drive around the property.  Depending on the weather we may find a place for a swim.  Sunday we can go for a short drive over to Undercliffe Falls.  After that the day is yours and quite possibly time to head for home.

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Photo Off Road Navigation VMS 700HDX
Posted by: POP - 18-06-2017, 12:25 PM - Forum: Classifieds - No Replies

Hi folks
I have a VMS 700HDX GPS Navigator that I no longer need.  More or less as new - in original box - have only used it for a few months and decided to upgrade to a HEMA HN7. There are free map upgrades etc for streets. It has VMS Off road maps and also Oziexplorer. Also provison for a Reversing Camera.[Image: slide_05.jpg?7980176046919272631]

I'd like to get around $225.00 but happy to have my arm twisted.

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