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  Help celebrate Adrians 50th
Posted by: hekarewe - 23-09-2013, 09:36 PM - Forum: Past trips - Replies (15)


at Janowen 4wd park for the long weekend was thinking saturday night camp oven cook off and byo alcohol was thinking also spending a day out at the national park for a look see for something different be good to see you all there

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  Hello Fathers
Posted by: johnnyn - 01-09-2013, 09:29 AM - Forum: Past trips - Replies (9)

Hello Guys

Just a social word

What did you get for fathers day

I just got some cash from my daughters

Now what to spend it on


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  Yabba Creek (Kilcoy to Kenilworth)
Posted by: hekarewe - 28-08-2013, 08:09 PM - Forum: Past trips - Replies (6)

Yabba creek run is back on after being postponed do to bad weather

dates 26-27 October 2013

right i don't have a lot of information on this run other then it is steep and i will not be bring the camper (did i just hear a gasp??) yes no camper trailer as this trip is on this time rain hail or shine it is i am led to understand to some what steep and very interesting if we get rain on it. camping will be from what i have read bush camping!

bring your recovery gear food and water for the weekend i am praying for dry weather but lets err on the side of caution

meeting point will be in Kilcoy from memory the last time i posted this up we were going to meet in front of the Kilcoy bakery at 0900 for a 0930 departure

trip leader will be Adrian and contact will be either via the forum or my mobile number 0411966822

i will read up on this trip again as it is in the dirty weekends book and will add anything of importance remember to contact me so i know who to look for when we head out

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  Condomine Gorge run
Posted by: hekarewe - 28-08-2013, 07:59 PM - Forum: Past trips - Replies (19)

for those interested there will be a weekend trip up the Condomine gorge on the weekend of the 14-15 September 2013

Meeting point will be opposite McDonald in Beaudesert @ 0830 for a 0900 departure

Trip leader will be Adrian
Contact # 0411966822 we will be camping out over night at a place called camp lake fire down near the border I will add information on the camp grounds and costs shortly

for those interested in going please contact me either via forum or by my phone i do need to know who to except as i don't want to leave anyone behind this is an easy run and very scenic there is catch and release fishing in the lake at the camp site hope see you all there.


check out the web site this is where we will be staying the sooner i know numbers the sooner i can book and reserve premo camp sites at the lakes edge

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  Peter & ED on Fraser July 2013
Posted by: troopiepete - 03-08-2013, 06:17 PM - Forum: * NON club trips - Replies (2)

Why I love 12hr Shift work!

On Monday the 22nd of July I returned from 6 days 5 nights on Fraser Island camping with a mate ED from the 4WD world, this time was all during a 7 day RDO Period!!.

Both of us are set up for camping in our cars so we set out to explore a few spots up the north end of Fraser, the first two nights we camped at the Cape just off the beach with pristine views of the northern bay, we tried a little fishing but only managed to feed the baby fish, you could see the larger fish in the waves but they eluded capture!!
The whales managed to entertain us for many hours as they played out in the bay, I have to say during this trip I have never seen so many of these large creatures and so close to the beach!
This end of the island is only visited by a hand full of people hence we only had about 5 cars drive past the entire time.
For those that know and visit the Island all of the normal rocks are exposed but only just and are mostly passable even at high tide, the southern Nagala rocks bypass road is soft as usual but passable with little trouble providing you lower the tyre pressures.

On Friday we packed up camp (takes all of half an hour, and that is taking it slow) and headed south for a pie at the Orchard beach servo/hotel then made our way to Platypus bay, as some of you may know this track has been closed for many years but has recently been opened back up.. well it is open but the signs stating no one should pass are still up, but as we were told we could use the road we proceeded down to the beach where we parked our vehicles on the beach set up the shades and sat back watching even more whales and dolphins play in the very calm waters of the bay, we did try fishing but only managed to feed the schools of baby fish and one very annoying ray who took delight in sucking the fish right off the hooks!
We later found out that we should not have camped on that beach but I would do it again! During the entire time we only had one vehicle drive past and that was a ranger truck that buzzed past only to return about an hour later full of crab traps - not sure who they belonged to but we suspect the rangers were taking advantage of the fact they were the only ones able to drive from the entry to the beach road all the way down to Wathumba Creek, if that is the case I will be the first one to complain as I see no reason for us not being able to drive on that beach! But that is an issue for another discussion I guess.

Yesterday we departed our private beach site and headed over to the eastern beach and camped just south of Dundubara Camping area, we managed to sit back and watch yet more whales play in the surf some quite close others way off in the distance, as the tide rolled in several people started to fish and a few were actually managing to catch a few so about an hour before dark I wandered down to try my hand, loaded up with all the hooks, tracers and bait for Tailor I started to have a go, about my second baiting I had a really hard wack on the rod and lost the hook, tracer and sinker!! Something large had hit my line! Determined to get my revenge I set the rig back up and headed back down to the beach, after losing my bait a few times I got the strike all fishermen wait and live for! A nice size Tailor, I wasted no time in bleeding the fish and gutting it, headed back down for another try but as the sun as fading and it was getting cold I walked back up to camp where I assembled my fish smoker, with a generous rubbing of Garlic salt and butter the smoker was lit and I sat back waiting for the it all to cook..
I decided to give the mobile a try as I had not spoken to Narelle for a few days, just as I started a conversation Ed yells out fire! Looked over to my smoker and the table I had placed it on was well alight under the smoker! We managed to lift the smoker up and dowse it with water from my sink bucket but it made a real mess of the timber I had sat it on.. note to self get some fire proof board to sit the smoker on - LOL fortunately the fish was cooked and not wrecked by the extra smoke, need I say it was delicious! I can tell you I am keen to go back and have another try, just so I can eat that ever so tasty fish once again!

Today we both managed to sleep into about 7am, after the shades dried off and I packed up camp we headed south firstly calling in at the Maheno Wreck, wow has that deteriorated in the past few years! I don't think it will be many more years until it's almost all falling in to the sea and possibly taken away because it's dangerous!
Then we wandered down to Eli Creek where we go the usual fill of eye candy and a short stroll up the water way, must say the creek was the lowest I have ever seen it and considering the day temperature was only in the early 20's the water was not all that cold - in summer it's like stepping in to ice water!
The creek currently is running slightly to the south and almost straight out to sea, I guess it will take a few more high seas with heaps of sand behind them to change it back to a deeper pond on the beach, this creek has changed its beach end shape and direction so many times in the 12 years I have been visiting so I have no doubt it will once again be deeper and look more inviting.
Mind you the almost constant run of young female back packers arriving either by bus or Troopy makes visiting the place worthwhile no matter how it looks.. as the supply of visitors is often evenly mixed Narelle also enjoyed sitting back under our shade for almost half the time we visited last October :-)

Alas as all good trips must end I proceeded ever so south around hook point and onto the barge to inskip point then on to Rainbow beach, picked up a Pie then back onto the beach heading around the currently almost non-existent rocks, past the rainbow sands onto double island point and around to Cooloola Beach then south to north Noosa, cross the ferry then back on the highway home..
I have spent around an hour washing down and unpacking the Troopy, it will need a bit more rust preventative work but all worth the time I spent at one of my favourite spots on this earth.

<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://s985.photobucket.com/user/prichens/slideshow/Fraser%202013">http://s985.photobucket.com/user/priche ... ser%202013</a><!-- m -->

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  Can Anyone
Posted by: johnnyn - 02-08-2013, 08:53 PM - Forum: Past trips - Replies (2)


On the mighty navara I have a hydrolic winch connected and powered by the power steering pump

I now have a need to pull it out and get it repaired

My question is that two fluid hoses connect to it which must be disconnected

So if I undo them and join them together to keep the fluid flowing

But what if I get an air buble in the line and is it hard or necessary to get rid of it


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  murphy's creek
Posted by: ross and cher - 29-07-2013, 02:10 PM - Forum: Past trips - Replies (1)

Murphy's creek run was closed about 6 months ago, the Toowoomba motorcycle club acquired the land at the bottom. I am told the top section is still open, but what is and isn't TMC land is not clear and apparently they are actively policing their land. I will make some enquiries.

There is also a run from the back of Gatton up to Gus Beuttel lookout. Not as challenging but a nice drive.( we used to.live just down from the lookout). I'd be keen for a look Adrian, would have to be a Sunday until after footy season tho ...

Oops somehow starred a new topic, please move ....

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  i need to do a couple of reccies
Posted by: hekarewe - 28-07-2013, 11:37 AM - Forum: Past trips - Replies (7)

looking for one or 2 cars to come with me to do a couple of reccies over the next couple of weekends

i want to look at Gordons 4x4 park near janowen for a day

also want tpo try and find a track i did with the ipswich club a couple of years ago helidon to gus what ever jhis name is look out if anyone is interested thinking of doing gordons next sunday for a starter

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  Telstra Trail - Main Range National Park Trip CANCELLED
Posted by: Hdj78rv - 02-07-2013, 05:17 PM - Forum: Past trips - Replies (2)

Hi all,

Unfortunatley I have to cancel the trip to Main Range due to track damage sustained in the floods in January. Once works have been completed the ranger will get back to me.


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  Fraser Facts
Posted by: johnnyn - 26-06-2013, 09:36 AM - Forum: Past trips - No Replies

Hello To All Were There

If you would like to read a final report about the cleanup just have a look at the end of the other "fraser how it happened"

The report was written by Nola C the organizer and it is the one that went to the QA assn and national parks

We all got a bat on the back and a well done


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  Social outing - Logan City Tenpin 24th
Posted by: troopiepete - 23-06-2013, 01:50 PM - Forum: Past trips - Replies (11)

Paul have been looking into Social activities and found a good deal at the Logan City Tenpin - 13-17 Wembley Road, Logan Central

Web site: http://www.logantenpin.com.au

Paul and I have proposed that Saturday 24th of August from 6pm until 9pm it's $18 per head with unlimited games in that time limit.
There may be other costs like the hire of shoes and obviously food is additional and optional, it is possible for us to eat before or after if you like.

Can you please indicate if you would like to go as we do need to make a Booking.

Bring a friend if you like, we just need to know numbers and further ideas..

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  other telstra telco,s
Posted by: Joe b - 19-06-2013, 10:54 PM - Forum: Past trips - Replies (2)

Im heading off in 2 weeks with a passenger on a east west crossing of australia via the remote interior deserts .Although i have a satphone and a H.F radio it will be convenient to have a standard 3g phone in the rural areas for calls and internet .I looked at the Aldi and Kogan network as they both use the telstra 3g network .A lot of out back travellers have rushed out and purchased the Aldi prepaid and have been disappointed with the service outside of the city. aldi and kogan only use part of the telstra network . Boost mobile is a new comer that uses the complete telstra 3g network no 4g. and cheaper prepayed compared to telstra You can compare the maps below, click to enlarge


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  Trips needed for the club
Posted by: troopiepete - 19-06-2013, 11:18 AM - Forum: Past trips - Replies (26)

Hi Gang

Looking at our Calendar for the next few months it's quite thin on dates and things to do!
Personally for the end of this month I am out of trips as the Troopy is currently off the road being de-dinged from the Sundown kangaroo tree incident.
But that dose not stop you guys from getting out and having fun..
For that matter there is nothing stopping us from also doing some social events - Dinners out, Activities in the park and things like this..

So please send through your ideas.

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  2013 - 14 Sept - 22 SeptCurrawinya National Park
Posted by: daggy - 14-06-2013, 04:02 PM - Forum: Past trips - Replies (29)

The trip to Currawinya National Park has had a change of dates at the June meeting. This is now going ahead from Saturday 14 September to Sunday 22 September.

Meeting for travellers will be at Shell Aratula at 9am on 14 September. Then onwards to Nindigully for the night before the final days travel to Currawinya. The plan will be to base camp and fish at Corni Paroo Waterhole. There is many and varied day trips from here if you are interested.

Where is Currawinya National Park. It is 828 kilometres West of Brisbane on the Queensland-NSW border near Hungerford, 170 km south-west of Cunnamulla.

A whole host of information can be found here <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://www.nprsr.qld.gov.au/parks/currawinya/">http://www.nprsr.qld.gov.au/parks/currawinya/</a><!-- m -->

One thing that we decided on at the meeting was to get everybody to declare there large and heavy items. If we can we will try and not double up on everything. We would like to have a communal cooking and eating area. Post up here what you have and would be prepared to bring along.

I know that Victor has 2 6 foot tables. I have a rather large 2 burner stove with a pot that will hole about 15 - 20 litres of water (Ideal for boiling crustaceans).

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  Fraser Cleanup 2013 how it happend
Posted by: troopiepete - 03-06-2013, 08:36 PM - Forum: Past trips - Replies (13)

Hi Guys

We are all home and pleased to be here but when can we next go back ? 8-)
The extended long weekend was a huge success with over 400 people turning up to clean the rubbish off the island.

The beaches were possibly the flattest I have ever seen them, between the rocks you could have done the trip in a 2wd family car!
But come to the rocks and some were challenging if not a tad on the bumpy side but provided you could either get around or over them all was good but it did mean high tide or even 2 hrs either side was a no go on the beaches.

Well heaps of photo's and I think some video plus many more stories to come..

Oh Ask Victor about his carpets :oops:

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