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Morning all - bigtonkatoy - 18-08-2013

My name dave I'm in helidon and I have a hj45 land cruiser we are currently doing a trip across the Simpson desert

Re: Morning all - troopiepete - 18-08-2013

Hi David

When are you planning to do the Simpson trip?
A few of us have done this several times and in both directions, only this Easter I was back out at Birdsville for the 200th edition for 4WD Action Magazine, and no trip would be complete without a visit to the desert, although 3 days of over 50deg C. made it not so pleasant!

If I had both the time and money I would be pestering to join you!
Oh well maybe next time!

Please tell us more of what you have planned and welcome to the forum.

Re: Morning all - daggy - 20-08-2013

Hi Dave welcome to the forum. If your up to and looking for something to do come along to a meeting held 2nd Wednesday of the month at 4WDQLD hall, Muriel Ave, moorooka. Meeting starts at 7.30, coffee and cake at 7.00. Or come along on of our outings. We will have more soon.