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Camping showers - sirlezz - 30-10-2013

After lenghty discussions with my son about the pros and cons of hot water heaters :roll: I found this thing on ebay


So I bought one of these "Companion 10l Pressure Camping Shower" and it beats just about everything else for ease of use and just fool proof :?
just fill it up with water and cook it hot with gas portable etc. or ring etc. till it reaches at least 40 degrees for a warm shower takes only five minutes on my little disposable gas cooker

pump it up like a garden sprayer and then depress the trigger on the rose and away you go

it is made of stainless steel with a temp gauge and detachable hose comes with a little stand to get it above the heat
simple to use
I only fill it half full and it heats up quick, does me for a quick shower

my son has mobility issues and the trigger is very easy for him to use

easy to pack and store and very light and comes with its own carry bag
about $120 on ebay with $20 postage :lol:

if you are camping you can use those black solar water heaters to save on heating gas and then fill up the cylinder and pump it up and u r ready to go

do I sound like a salesman LOL :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

I just love it Big Grin

Re: Camping showers - daggy - 01-11-2013

I like the look of these and the simplicity, I have been looking at them at Tentworld and $119 is a pretty good price.