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2013 caravan show - sirlezz - 02-11-2013

I had a quick visit after work on Thursday for just over an hour at the latest caravan show (free entry)
bumped into Dave Challinor from 4wd action dvd fame
had a great chat about travelling the kimerberleys and simpson desert
and he told me about some of the details of the birdsville dash to Poepell corner
he was a real laugh and good conversationlist
the reason I am making this post as he showed off his Roothy dune puller
got a 12,000lb winch built into his rear bar in which he pulled the old toyota over the dunes quite a number of times
on the dvd there is not much footage returning to birdsville as the camera crew suffered heat stroke and they nursed back to health under the cool of airconditioning and heaps of water
The rear bar was made on the sunshine coast lazer cut and looks superb and completely houses the winch inside of it
comes complete with high lift jack points etc.
it was a real head turner,
now I want one too
Oh dear it will never end will it

Re: 2013 caravan show - troopiepete - 03-11-2013

Hi Les

Yep Dave's Rig is a real head turner, Roothy Praised it up big time when I was chatting to him at Birdsville, just wish I had spent more time out in the Desert but the 50Deg Plus Days and Nights were almost as bad as the flies were :o

I am just about to head into the RNA now to check out the gear, will say hi to Dave from you, I keep trying to get him along to another outing for the club but he is a hard man to tie down, mainly due to shows like this..