Possible cheap training on offer - experience is a must!
27-03-2012, 09:42 PM,
Possible cheap training on offer - experience is a must!
Hi Guys

I know some of you have been wanting to get 4WD Training and for those that are inexperienced we are looking at the options But!
for those that consider them selves experienced and would be interested in assisting with a pilot training experience please let me know.


We have added a few new accredited courses to our scope.

SISODRV201A Drive AWD/4WD vehicles on unsealed roads.

SISODRV302A Drive & recover a 4WD vehicle.

SISODRV404A Drive a 4WD vehicle in difficult terrain.

SISODRV405A Coordinate recovery of 4WD vehicles.

RIIVEH305A Operate & maintain a 4WD vehicle.

PMASUP236A Operate vehicles in the field.

Most of these are just a variation on the SRODRV units that we have been doing for years, but a couple are different.

The PMA unit (mostly required by SANTOS) is VERY different.

I guess that what I am looking for is a group of say 5 or 6 experienced drivers who can collaborate with me to develop the most 'user friendly' delivery of this course - those who have done courses with me know that i take a holistic approach rather than work down a checklist of almost indecipherable competencies.

I don't have a concrete date right now, but I am leaning towards the 15th April at LCMP. (I have a fully booked course on the Saturday, so will be camping over - our campsite is available - Camping costs are not included and must be paid directly to LCMP)

It will cost you $75! This will include your park entry for the day, AND the National Accreditation. When we go live with this course it will be 4 - 5 times this $$ amount for an individual.

It is not a hardcore course, in fact it is far from it, but if you are looking at fluffing up your resume then this might be a good opportunity for you, and I'll certainly be indebted to those who can join us for any advice/suggestions in creating a course which flows and IS A FUN PLACE TO BE.

Please let me know if you interested.
27-03-2012, 10:12 PM,
Re: Possible cheap training on offer - experience is a must!
very interested in doing this course but,,,,,,,,,, i looks like it will on at land cruiser mountain on the day i will be just geting back from NSW if he puts it off a week or runs it again ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, soon,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, i would say definatly count me in
28-03-2012, 03:00 PM,
Re: Possible cheap training on offer - experience is a must!
mid weekm is better for me at moment
28-03-2012, 03:30 PM,
Re: Possible cheap training on offer - experience is a must!
I would love to help Pete, I just don't know about the 15th. I'm going to Stanthorpe for 4 days starting the 21st April. I think I'd be pushing my luck though.

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