Forum cleanup
14-04-2012, 12:56 AM,
Forum cleanup
Hi Forum and club members,

Currently I am in the process of cleaning up the Forum and moving many of the posts and forum areas around in an attempt to make it easier to understand and use. :mrgreen:

I request a few things from you guys when considering making a comment or posting a story/information. :geek:
If the topic is already current such as the Fraser Clean-up and you wish to add a comment do so by (Post Reply) Confusedhock:
But if it's a new topic such as a trip idea or something you did today the and only then you click on (New Topic) :?

As you should see I have divided the forum up into many sub folders such as "Trips - Past and Future" or "General Chit chat"
and "classifieds". Before creating a New Topic please think about what you are posting it for and place it in the appropriate place.

Think of the forum as a Filing cabinet or organised tool draw, if it's in the wrong folder/draw then it's hard for other people to find it! :o

Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated but don't load me up too much as you may just find you now have a new job :lol:

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