Managed Acces Tracks
20-05-2012, 08:55 PM,
Managed Acces Tracks
I have uploaded the list and requirements for clubs to gain access to QPWS - Managed Access Tracks for SEQ.

Once a track on the list is nominated by a club you register with 4WD QLD to see if it hasn't been booked for that weekend or it's over the frequency limit. Once this is complete 4wd QLD will send it onto QPWS. The trip leader then makes contact with that area office regarding keys, conditions etc. QPWS can reduce vehicle numbers.

There is a flow chart also uploaded to show how this all works. 3 clubs have already been on trips into these areas, QPWS did reduce the size of one group to seven vehicles.

So lets work out what tracks we want to go access and lock some dates in. It could also be just a recon trip. What do we think?

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.doc   Club activity registration form 9Dec11.doc (Size: 112.5 KB / Downloads: 412)

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