Bulldust Editior required!
19-09-2012, 11:49 AM,
Bulldust Editior required!
The Bulldust is our voice to the non internet world, while some of us find it hard to believe they still exist!

The problem is we currently do not have an editor and I am not about to take the task on once more!
The club is you guys and not just me!!

The role is a simple one and the hardest part is getting information out of people, the President is no exception to this rule!
Up to now we have been producing a monthly edition that traditionally was produced and published online prior to our monthly meeting, while this has it's uses I don't see that it is necessary to produce one each month and could easily be a bi-monthly affair, but either way it needs to be done!

The information that needs to be in the Bulldust is more general stuff like who we are, where we meet and trips we are to do or have completed with plenty of photo's.
Usually the edition is produced in a work editor such as word then converted into PDF format to reduce the size and lock in the format to something that all users can read and print out, free converters can be found all over the place.. so don't think technology will stop you :-)

You don't even have to be someone that can make the club meetings as most of the information can be emailed to you or can be taken from the forum, as I said the hardest part is finding content for it but as our trips become more regular the content should help find it's self providing someone actually takes some photos and puts together a short trip report.

SO what's stopping you.. :geek:
19-09-2012, 05:52 PM,
Re: Bulldust Editior required!
Peter the good news for this one is at the last meeting, the vote was that the Bulldust remain but become a quarterly publication. So only 4 editions a year. C'mon somebody, pick up it up, you might even find you have an unknown skill in publishing. Can't be too hard, can it :!:
11-10-2012, 09:47 PM,
Re: Bulldust Editior required!
Good news, Ross from ross and cher has kindy taken on the role of the editor. Well done and hope you enjoy it. Now a quarterly publication.

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