TroopiePete's Build
23-12-2012, 09:12 PM,
TroopiePete's Build
This area is where I open up the doors to my shed and show you the mods I have done to my truck.
I warn you that this area by nature will contain heaps of photo's so it may get slow :cry:

I will start from the beginning and work on adding photo's as I sort them out.

The first three Photo's were before I picked it up from the car yard

This is actually a bit out of order, this is about the third mod to the rear table
it now has a sink!

And for the Roof Console, it's still a work in progress but has served us well
Problem is things fall out when you least expect it - further mods to come

Now lets look at the Camping...

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23-12-2012, 09:23 PM,
Re: TroopiePete's Build
Great idea Pete, discussions at torq have given me a few ideas...

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