Bulburin National Park
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Bulburin National Park
Bulburin National Park is approx 120klms South West of Gladstone and 70klms North East of Monto.

As we had stayed a few nights in Monto, an early start saw us through Many Peaks & Builyan and turning into Bulburin Forest Road by 6AM and making good time. We were only aiming to do the “Loop Road” so we could get to Eurimbula NP and set up camp early.
Coming up to the park we found a turn off and a “4wd only” sign, but no further information, so thought we would have a quick check in case it was the loop road. About two k’s in the road forked, and yet again there was no evidence of any signage. Now geography was never my best subject, but I instinctively chose the right fork & set off down a rarely used and rough track, which slowly disintegrated. Not to be deterred, I stubbornly followed the chosen track (morning coffee hadn’t yet kicked in), down an increasing slippery slope only to find it was a dead end – a nice little waterhole in the creek, but a dead end nonetheless, so we had no choice but to tackle the slippery shale and steep slope that I had so determinedly launched down.

Fortunately Shiny and I managed enough throttle to tackle the slope without dislodging too much shale or ending sideways, even more fortunate given the winch runner’s coffee was still sitting on the kitchen bench, so humour was not an option …
Following on in good form from leaving Cher’s coffee behind and taking the wrong track, I decided that the left fork still didn’t feel right so we headed back to the main road and onwards …

Eventually we made the 16klms from the entry to the old barrack site – a magic camp site, nicely grassed with plenty of shady trees for shelter and privacy, and best of all, even at this busy time of the year, there were only two camps established.
Again a distinct lack of signage at the campgrounds saw us take the left fork, after all, it surely had to be the loop road. After another little detour and several dead ends, we had an enjoyable scenic tour of the pine forest before finally coming through the camp ground again.

Off on the main track before we came to yet another fork in the road, fast running out of options, we figured that this had to be the loop road and off we set. The track was narrow winding and from our observations, seldom used, but a rather interesting drive high up through the ranges.
[Image: 8340971252_35f43c7f83_c.jpg]
life is a highway by rcImagesoz, on Flickr

[Image: 8340974742_3119b92aca_c.jpg]
life is a highway part 2 by rcImagesoz, on Flickr

Some of the water diversion mounds felt like Mt Everrest to a poor old stocker Shiny, particularly as the narrowness of the track meant little angle to work with. However we soldiered on, at last confident that we were on the loop road and would be soon coming out near the Bruce Highway.
We were rewarded with some nice scenery along the way, even though there was lots of evidence of controlled burns in the area (including smouldering logs across the track)

[Image: 8340976774_320e8dd2ef_c.jpg]
bulburrin by rcImagesoz, on Flickr

[Image: 8339923595_ee40ee6e37_c.jpg]
bulburrin 3 by rcImagesoz, on Flickr

[Image: 8339925833_15e2e0b928_c.jpg]
bulburrin 2 by rcImagesoz, on Flickr
At least we were half right, as we were now inadvertently doing the loop in reverse and ended up back at the original left fork from 6AM!

Still glad to have done it though as it is pretty countryside and well worth exploring.

From there we went back through the campsite (again) and continued on Dawes Range Road (a series of climbs and drops similar to the loop road) and Granite Creek Forestry Road which, 33 klms later, bounced us out at the Granite Creek Rest Area (Great Driver Reviver site, with some very friendly local volunteers) and onto Agnes Water for lunch before heading out to Eurimbla.
All in all, it was a very pleasant mornings drive, and looks like a fantastic bush camping spot, with lots of other tracks to explore through the forestry as well. Would be a great group outing for those willing to tackle the 5 hours to get there – think Sundown without the crowds…, and for an extended trip, Dawes National Park and Kroombit Tops National Park (and Beautiful Bettsy Bomber Site) are within easy reach, and via a couple of tracks that would test Adrian’s reduction gears…

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Re: Bulburin National Park
Looks and sounds like you had some fun there. Kroombit Tops is one of the many places that I would like to visit.
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Re: Bulburin National Park
Great part of the world Darryl, with this, Kroombit and Dawes for driving in such close proximity, and the coast less than ah hour away, I reckon this would make a great extended club trip...

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