2013 - 14 Sept - 22 SeptCurrawinya National Park
14-06-2013, 04:02 PM,
2013 - 14 Sept - 22 SeptCurrawinya National Park
The trip to Currawinya National Park has had a change of dates at the June meeting. This is now going ahead from Saturday 14 September to Sunday 22 September.

Meeting for travellers will be at Shell Aratula at 9am on 14 September. Then onwards to Nindigully for the night before the final days travel to Currawinya. The plan will be to base camp and fish at Corni Paroo Waterhole. There is many and varied day trips from here if you are interested.

Where is Currawinya National Park. It is 828 kilometres West of Brisbane on the Queensland-NSW border near Hungerford, 170 km south-west of Cunnamulla.

A whole host of information can be found here <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://www.nprsr.qld.gov.au/parks/currawinya/">http://www.nprsr.qld.gov.au/parks/currawinya/</a><!-- m -->

One thing that we decided on at the meeting was to get everybody to declare there large and heavy items. If we can we will try and not double up on everything. We would like to have a communal cooking and eating area. Post up here what you have and would be prepared to bring along.

I know that Victor has 2 6 foot tables. I have a rather large 2 burner stove with a pot that will hole about 15 - 20 litres of water (Ideal for boiling crustaceans).
14-06-2013, 04:03 PM,
Re: Currawinya National Park 14 Sept - 22 Sept

2 x 6 foot tables (Victor)
Large 2 burner stove (Darryl)
15 litre pot (Darryl)
3 x 3 shelter (Peter)
Tarp 8 x 10 (Sharyn)
2 burner stove (Sharyn)
9kg gas bottle (Sharyn)
Whipper Snipper (Victor)
Yabby pots (Victor)
Yabby Pots x 8 (Darryl) [allowed 4 x per person using them.]
12 v shower (David - Time Bandit)
Toilet (David - Time Bandit)
Camp oven (David - Time Bandit)
twin shelter for shower and toilet (David - Time Bandit)
Camp Oven Mate + 2 ring burner (Darryl)
15-06-2013, 01:02 AM,
Re: Currawinya National Park 14 Sept - 22 Sept
Sounds like a top idea!

I have a 3x3 shelter, could help to keep the weather out...
Water out and heat in, have sides for it also..

If the site is anything like it was on our last visit and we get a few people a wiper sniper could be handy to cut some of the Grass down..

I have not booked the time yet and am still trying to figure out of it's going to happen for me but at this stage I think it will.
16-06-2013, 01:10 AM,
Re: Currawinya National Park 14 Sept - 22 Sept
I also have a 2-burner stove plus a 9-kilo gas bottle and also as much firewood [gum & ironbark] as we need/want.

Also have a large tarp - but would need to measure it [i think it is a 10 x 16 foot]
16-06-2013, 04:26 PM,
Re: Currawinya National Park 14 Sept - 22 Sept
Tarps. In dry weather one tarp is more than enough, in wet weather you cannot possibly ever have enough, you will always want at least one more.
17-06-2013, 01:43 AM,
Re: Currawinya National Park 14 Sept - 22 Sept
daggy Wrote:Tarps. In dry weather one tarp is more than enough, in wet weather you cannot possibly ever have enough, you will always want at least one more.

Agreed Darryl. Being that it isn't a bulky item should I pack it anyways? As a "just in case" thing??
17-06-2013, 10:53 PM,
Re: Currawinya National Park 14 Sept - 22 Sept
HELLO EVERYBODY VICTOR will bring my grass whip sniper and Iam buying a couple yabbie pots to throw in the PARRO RIVER and PLEASE someone bring fishing rods !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
22-06-2013, 05:53 PM,
Re: Currawinya National Park 14 Sept - 22 Sept
Hello Billa-Bongers

I was chatting to a lady of knowledge

She advises that the only way to cook/boil redclaw or blueclaw creatures is to use the same water that they live in

It keeps the flavour in

04-08-2013, 07:34 PM,
Re: Currawinya National Park 14 Sept - 22 Sept
Hi Guys,

I thought it's about time to put some life back into this topic..

To date it looks like I should be able to attend but still working on the finer parts - but it is looking good Wink
I will be camping in the Troopy but will bring the 3x3 shelter and a large tarp - I figure that if we all bring plenty of wet coverage it will stay dry the entire time!I can bring a few spare fishing rods and a bit of fishing gear - just need a reminder to pack them :lol:

I also have a blue claw trap and will throw this in, last time I used it at the camp site I managed to catch a small fish so who knows what I will catch!

Anyone got a boat you can bring, even a blow up dingy will do, a few may also be handy..
Clearly we are all assuming there is still water in the river :oops:

I may or may not stay the entire time, it depends on my work as I seem to keep chewing up ARL time!

So any words of wisdom from you guys?
12-08-2013, 04:17 PM,
Re: Currawinya National Park 14 Sept - 22 Sept
Hi All

I have just purchased a camp oven mate and 2 ring burner, for the perfect roast and damper especially in times of no fires. Hopefully it works as well as expected.
04-09-2013, 03:41 PM,
Re: Currawinya National Park 14 Sept - 22 Sept

It's possibly a good time to start locking in a few things for this trip :o
The main part being who is actually going to be on it.. partly as we would simply like to know but also if you are adding gear to the list we need to know it will be actually on it :?

Ok my time off is confirmed and I am committed to this trip!

What I am looking at bringing are;

1 - 3x3 shelter and the sides for this,
2 - I will also have a medium size folding table
3 - Large Tarp
4 - shade cloth flooring
5 - Spun metal camp oven and foil dishes to place in it..
6 - 12V oven capable of cooking two pies at a time.
7 - A few fishing rods and gear - 1 Surf size rod and one or two smaller ones
8 - 2 x Red Claw opera house traps
9 - Fishing net - scoop..
10 - 80+ Liters of drinking water - carried in the Troopy
11 - 2 Burner Duel Fuel stove using ULP - not Gas
12 - I am going to bring food for myself but thinking of throwing in a roast or two to be done in the camp oven - pork and possibly lamb
13 - Toilet tent and portable seat - dig hole type - I have a long handled shovel - just hope the ground is not too hard :oops:
14 - additional tent for a shower and may bring a pump and shower head - it will be cold but should be wet 8-)
15 - I have recently cut up some hard and soft wood I had left over from some building work, some painted but most not - few nails :x
I may be looking at throwing this into someones car .. as the bags are heavy and I don't want to put them on my roof :o
16 - I can bring a fire ring - bottom of a keg - works well for a portable fire pit
17 - Smoker - for the Fish and other meats Wink

I currently can't think of anything else..

Our first night's camp will be at the Nidigy Gully pub, this area has recently been improved and now boasts a toilet block in the camping are and a concrete path along the river, obviously our actual camping spots will need to be sorted once we get there but that's how it is.
Also if you intend on ordering the huge burger it needs to be ordered in advance - but there are plenty of other huge meals on the menu that will easily be more than you can eat in one sitting - even shared if you wish - Doggy bag is optional but bring your own :oops:

I like many of you really can't afford this trip but need it - and am really looking forward to getting away, I want to do a bit of exploring around the area but not too keen on burning up too much fuel - don't forget the trip out there is around 1,000Km all by it's self - not exactly next door!
Oh don't also forget that Mobile phone coverage will most likely be zero - I will have the HF Radio and will have a Sat Phone for emergency's but this may or may not be actually connected so will only be able to be used for 000 calls.
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Re: Currawinya National Park 14 Sept - 22 Sept
I have been working on a few plans for the trip and done a trek mapping with where is,
attached are the maps of where we intend on traveling on the first and 2nd day..
518Km from My home to the 1st nights camp
GPS - NINDI PUB, -28.354065, 148.820865
497Km to the turn off of the camping area
GPS - PAROO CAMP, -28.676590, 144.804930

Both of these plots are close approximates to the the actual camping locations but close enough Tongue
The GPS locations were taken from our Corner Country trip last year.
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Re: Currawinya National Park 14 Sept - 22 Sept
Just going through my old data and found a map of the Currawinya area..

.pdf   3 currawinya-np-map-nov2010.pdf (Size: 150.32 KB / Downloads: 703)
06-09-2013, 07:58 PM,
Re: Currawinya National Park 14 Sept - 22 Sept
I'm attending. Days off start on Wednesday and so does the packing and the oil change and all the other stuff that you od before you go away.
23-09-2013, 04:40 PM,
Re: Currawinya National Park 14 Sept - 22 Sept
We're home. What a great trip and so many miles covered. Trip report to come once I've cleaned the clay off the truck. Stay tuned.
23-09-2013, 08:51 PM,
Re: Currawinya National Park 14 Sept - 22 Sept
Yep it was a fantastic trip!
I have cleaned off much of the red mud although I am sure more will be under the truck that I am yet to find!
Guys you all missed out on a fantastic camp site coupled with fantastic weather!
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Re: Currawinya National Park 14 Sept - 22 Sept
Just a taste of our trip..
The Camp site.

24-09-2013, 01:00 AM,
Re: Currawinya National Park 14 Sept - 22 Sept
Sure does look like it's a top spot to "chill out" Big Grin
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Re: Currawinya National Park 14 Sept - 22 Sept
A little bit about Currawinya National Park.

'On the Queensland-NSW border near Hungerford, 170 km south-west of Cunnamulla.Currawinya's southern boundary lies adjacent to the township of Hungerford on the Queensland/New South Wales border. All roads are unsealed and may become impassable when wet. Travel by four-wheel-drive vehicle is recommended. On the Queensland-NSW border near Hungerford, 170 km south-west of Cunnamulla. http://www.nprsr.qld.gov.au/parks/currawinya

Some may ask where is Hungerford, I have to assume that most have at least heard of Cunnamulla. You know the song the Cunnamulla Fella sung by Slim Dusty, written by Sam Coster. Well Hungerford is on the Queensland / New South Wales border and 861.6 kilometers as the crow flies and 992.8 kilometers route distance. Cunnamulla is 725.9 kilometers in a straight line and 806 kilometers by road. Of course all distances are from Brisbane.
Other members of the River City 4WD Club have previously camped here at the Corni Paroo Waterhole.

The team assembled for this trip are Peter in his Toyota Landcruiser Troop Carrier, Victor in the Mitsubishi Triton and Darryl in the mighty Nissan Patrol. This trip would see the various manufacturers pitted against each other in a war of attrition, or would they make it the distance and return unscathed.

Saturday 14 September
Today was the first travel day. assigned meeting point at 8.30am was BP Service Station, Aratula. The facilities at the BP have been upgraded and are now a first rate stop for coffee, food and other useful facilities. The plan for today was camp over night at Nindigully roughly half way to our destination. All together we were on our way by around 9.00am.

Coming up the range I realised that I needed some gas bottles for a new stove and Peter was looking at some more air for his newly acquired front tyres. Warwick is the perfect stop with everything in town including a well stocked camping and firearm store in the main street, doing a roaring trade for early on a Saturday morning.

Next stop was Goondiwindi for fuel and lunch then onwards to Nindigully. a quick stop just outside of a small town called Weengallon . This is the site of Aboriginal Rock Wells, there are right beside the highway. Permanent water from underground springs.    

Why Nindi Gully and not St George ? Well the Nindigully pub is an old pub with the longest existing lease in Queensland, they started serving beer in 1864 and are still going. Not to mention the great food, great atmosphere and free camping with use of hot showers and toilets. A brand new toilet block in the campground, unfortunately closed to the new resident brown or black snake. The camp grounds was chocker's with grey nomads returning from Birdsville and no waterfront sites available we camped up on the fence line towards the back of the grounds. There has been quite a bit of work done here since I was last here in 2011, the river banks have been bollarded off and there is a concrete pathway. The pub was also used a movie prop in the Hugh Jackman movie Paperback Hero.
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Re: Currawinya National Park 14 Sept - 22 Sept
Sunday 15 September

Early wake up and the plan is to travel the 40 kilometres to St George and partake in one or some of the famous St George bakery pies for breakfast. Arriving in St George just before 9am we see that the town is just starting to wake up with the early birds beginning to gather at the IGA. The bakery is identified and discovered that they don't open on Sunday. Oh well, find a cafe, we say. A quick trip around town, it really is quick, not that big, can't find a bakery, so into the local BP that has a food counter and breakfast there. Then a quick stop at the supermarket for last minute grocery supplies. We know that there's not much from here on.

Leaving St George we head towards the town of Bollon where we stop and check out the facilities. This place has a free hot and cold shower. About to leave town and there's an emu walking through the main street, just have to take a photo, this is the first emu I've seen this trip. How excited am I ?    

From Bollon on towards Cunnamulla where we stop for fuel and think about lunch. Fuel here is the most expensive we pay for the entire trip at $1.72 a litre. Not too bad when Goondiwindi was $1.57 and Brisbane $1.62. The mandatory photo with the Cunnamulla Fella, this is my second time in Cunnamulla and still to get a great photo, maybe I need to be there early morning or later afternoon. While we are in the main street Victor gets hassled by a couple of young local kids, Victor tells them that they should study hard at school so that they can get a good job like a trade. There comment is why would they want to work. They eventually leave and go and sit under the tree in the middle of the roundabout. Then there's the comment about them being future clients, my thoughts are they would be existing clients.        

Next stop is Eulo, home of the world famous lizard races. A quick look around and I mean quick, we see the Lizard Lounge, the monument to the racing cockroach Destructo who was accidently killed after winning his race, the Lizard race track and the town bore. That's water bore not some bloke that wandered over from the pub. While looking up the main street here comes ambling across the road a bull headed for who knows where.            

From here it's 4 kilometres to the turnoff to Hungerford, this is the last of the bitumen that we see for a while now. The sign post indicates Hungerford 117, Currawinya 97 but I know that our turn off is about 38 kilometres short of the park headquarters. Once onto the dirt it is really well graded with some patches of bitumen, there is the appearance of clouds on the horizon and even a light shower. Then, a call of the radio from Peter that he has a problem. Once stopped and walking towards the Landcruiser is the stench of burning rubber. Soon identified as a seized idler bearing on the air conditioning, luckily on this vehicle removal of the belt doesn't affect the operation of the vehicle only the comfort of the driver. Back on our way we soon after enter the park and head for the registration hut where we meet up with some newly arrived travellers booking in. From there we cross the Paroo River at the weir and travel to the Pump Hole and find a camp site by the river. From the looks of the water it looks likes the river runs upside down, it is the colour of sand and freezing cold.            

Camp is set up, dinner is cooked and sit around a camp fire with a few beers and enjoy the serenity. Overnight I hear what sounds like rain, surely it can't be.                
26-09-2013, 10:37 PM,
Re: Currawinya National Park 14 Sept - 22 Sept
Monday 16 September

Morning arrives to a gloomy and overcast day with light showers every so often. You know the rains not the problem, the ground is clay and walking from my tent to the camp kitchen about 5 metres gains me an extra 6 centimetres in height, this stuff is like the proverbial stuff on a blanket.
Things to do today, complete registration and set up the conveyance for our aquatic adventure, you know a boat.

Well, mid morning, we're camped 3 kilometres from the registration hut. Peter travels sideways up the creek bank and then it's 4WD all the way there and back, it's like driving in a high speed rally but only travelling at less than 10 kph. While at the registration hut a quick look at the old Caiwarro Homestead but it's too wet for a really good look around.

Back at camp it's putting the finishing touches on everything for our week long sojourn. The boat is assembled and fitted with one of its two power sources, the electric motor it is and the Skipper and Gilligan are off on the maiden voyage. Meanwhile back at camp the yabby pots are baited and set, here's hoping for a feed of yabbies and some freshwater shrimp for bait.

By lunchtime the sky has cleared and the suns out and the ground is drying out. Then about 3pm the sky darkens and it's like Armageddon coming in from the West. Strong wind, driving rain and 10 minutes later it's all over. Let's hope a least for the remainder of the week.
A check of the pots identified that the resident crustacean is blue claw yabbies at least these locals haven't been moved on by their Northern cousin the bigger and more aggressive red claw. 12 pots and two blue claw, two shrimp and one small yellowbelly. At least we got some bait, we're able to upgrade the shrimp to another small yellowbelly.

Dinner tonight is corned beef, vegetables and damper.
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Re: Currawinya National Park 14 Sept - 22 Sept
Tuesday 17 September

Today the weather is glorious, no signs of rain and the ground is drying out. Victor and I travel in the SS Minnow to the southern end of the waterhole. Along the way there are plenty of great campsites sighted. Down the bottom end you can see the old windmill that pumped water for the vegetable garden right beside the new water monitoring station.

The yabby population has been decimated by us, two the previous day and no more overnight. We decide to move the pots upstream to where no man has camped before, it at least looks that way. This time we also load the pots with parboiled potato and carrot. On the return journey to camp, the SS Minnow failed, or did the skipper just forget to check the fuel level. You see we went from the eco friendly electric motor to the torque thumping petrol powered outboard. I might add at this point it has to be as strong as at least 3 horses. So a short row of about 200 metres sees us safely return to a riverbank that we can safely navigate our way back to camp. With the aid of the sun and our knowledge of direction we set out on the 100 metre walk back to camp where Victor collects the fuel and sets out on his walk of shame.

Later we took the short drive down to Currawinya Woolshed where there is more camping at the Ourimpee Waterhole. This campground has running water, showers and flushing toilets. Come to think of it I didn't see the toilets just the sign posts. Saw a couple of families of emus today.


The woolshed and shearers quarters are in immaculate condition. The woolshed can still be accessed and has electricity connected. All the outbuildings are locked. We later found out that groups can use the old shearers quarters. I'm yet to find that on a website anywhere but found it on a information sign near the entrance to the park headquarters. We found out that Currawinya was last used in 1991 when the lease expired and taken over by National Parks. At the woolshed is an information board about the endangered Bilby, shame you can't read it as it has faded that badly. Within the park is a 25 square kilometre Bilby enclosure protecting them from the feral cats that road the area. Legend has it then during the last floods the enclosure was breached and the cats got in and had had great time meeting the Bilby.


Hanging in a tree here were two deceased ferals, nothing like your average house moggie these things are natural evolved killers and huge.
At the entry to the park is a granite sculpture. I'm not sure of the connection of the stone or the sculpture to the region, but I would hesitate to say that funds from the Bilby fund were used to commission this monstrosity. It should have been a monument to the lizards as over the next couple of days we say a few of them hanging around.


Back to camp and pots up, six yabbies and a couple of shrimp. It seems that the cooked carrot was the hit. Dinner tonight was roast lamb cooked in tinned tomato, beef stock, Italian herbs and garlic salt along with a damper .
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Re: Currawinya National Park 14 Sept - 22 Sept
Wednesday 18 September

When I wake up Victor tells me that at 4am he was awake and fishing from his balcony, but didn't catch anything. The plan for today is travel to the border town of Hungerford. We have maps that show a route through the park. Setting off on this route we find another permanent waterhole to the south, evidence of camping and fishing. Alas, our maps must be old and the track we were going to take no longer exists.


Back to the main road and south. About 20 kilometres down the road we move from the Paroo Shire to the Buloo Shire, my guess is that the Paroo Shire has more money that the Buloo for road maintenance.


Just after the entry to the Woolshed is the track to the lakes which is what the National Parks were after when they bought the place. Lakes Numalla and Wyara support large numbers of water birds. Numalla is a freshwater (usually permanent) lake and filled by floodwaters from the Paroo while Wyara is saline and regularly dries to a large clay pan. On the entry to the lakes road to the left is a pump with tanks and fresh water and to the right a dried lake. The interesting thing is there were a couple of mobs of emus on the lake eating the green pick, we walked onto the lake taking photos and easily got within 50 metres of the birds without causing any concern.


Onto the lakes, on arrival at Wyara we found another vehicle there. You'll never guess but Peter went over for a chat. Shortly after I heard from the other traveller, ""I've got mobile service". So like kids in a candy store where on the phone, calling loved ones and telling them were okay and catching up on news from home. Last phone service was on Sunday. We later found out that we most likely were picking up the edge of reception from Thargominda.


Anyway back to the lake, it's quite a walk to the foreshore, it's quiet hot so standing on the roof rack of the car gave me an excellent view of the lake. I feel like a greenie now as I didn't disturb any of the nesting birds at this lake. Onto Lake Numulla and a short 100 metre walk t the edge of the lake. Managed to see about a dozen birds flying over the lake.


Onto Hungerford were we stopped at the Hungerford Pub and had a few beers and quick look around town, crossed the border into enemy territory via the Wild Dog (Dingo) fence.


On return to camp we realise that were between seasons for either fish or yabbies and discuss packing up a day early and heading home via Bourke, Lightening Ridge, Hebel and Dirranbandi.
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Re: Currawinya National Park 14 Sept - 22 Sept
Thursday 19 September

Well the fish and the yabbies must have been listening, so they didn't some to the party. The plan today was have a look around old Caiwarro Homestead and what was nearby.

Where we were camped is called the Pump Hole, for good reason as there is a pump here. We thought it was to pump water to the homestead. In hindsight why would you pump water about 5 kilometres and have to cross the river when you have the river near your front door. Aerial photography (google maps) showed what looked like a huge runway. We worked out that the pump irrigated this field for some crop to stock feed. The give away was the old bough shed with the old farming implements laying around.            

Over the other side of these fields we found the remnants of stock troughs, about 15 to 20 and made of hollow logs.        

A drive to the edge of the park and we believe that this road does go all the way through to Eulo as it would service a number of stations along the way.
Onto old Caiwarro Homestead where the majority has been bulldozed. I have since found out around 1974 when they moved the entire operation to Currawinya. Remaining are old stockyards, a chimney, some steel structures, the tennis court, practise tennis court and dog kennels. The entire area is surrounded by a levy bank, some indication of the level of flooding that the area can experience. It is estimated that there were up to 100 staff working on this property and shearing 60,000 sheep in 1906.            
.jpg   347 Old Caiwarro - Kennels.jpg (Size: 319.89 KB / Downloads: 2,088)        
.jpg   360 Old Caiwarro - Workshop.jpg (Size: 282.11 KB / Downloads: 2,138)    

We also found the old market garden area down by the river where the windmill was and saw that they most likely used a flood irrigation to water there crops.        
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Re: Currawinya National Park 14 Sept - 22 Sept
Friday 20 September

Well Friday morning dawns as our last morning on the Paroo and soon after getting out of bed all our attention is turned towards packing up and hopefully being on the road by 9.00am. The plan worked and we were on our way by 9.30am. First stop was Hungerford to dump the weeks rubbish.
Next was cross the border into enemy territory where we would remain for at least the next 24 hours. It's about 212 kilometres from Hungerford to Bourke. This stretch of road would most likely be the worst that I have ever travelled on, not for the corrugations but for the constantly changing road base from sand to gravel to gibbers interspersed with corrugations. It was a challenging 3 1/2 drive to Bourke and the bitumen was most welcomed.

Bourke, never been there, heard stories about it. I would suggest some may be true, most of the shops in town have their windows barred or barricaded. The bowls club is easily the biggest place in town. I think I would like to return and have a wander around town as there does seem to be plenty of tourist attractions. Here was a stop for pies and coffee, can't remember the name but recommended. Bourke was where Peter managed to locate a bearing for that air conditioner.        

Onwards from here through Brewarrina and Walgett before heading North towards Lightening Ridge. Both Brewarrina and Walgett have shop fronts like Bourke boarded up or barred. I wonder what goes on in these towns after dark.

Anyway, arrival at Lightening Ridge around 6.00pm, we drove down the main street looking for a caravan park for the night. We all saw the Bowls Club and commented that it would be the place to go. We stopped at the Lightening Ridge Tourist Park, $30 for three persons, grassed sites and large enough to accommodate the three vehicles and camping gear. We also arranged for a tour the following morning before heading to the bowls club for a feed and some beers. This place is huge with dining areas, restaurants and bars.    
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Re: Currawinya National Park 14 Sept - 22 Sept
Saturday 21 September

The tour costs $30 each, pick up from our accommodation with the promise of morning tea and an underground mine tour. Supposedly pick up at 8.45am and dropped off at 11.45am. Pick up goes to plan, a drive around town picking up the other passengers, then onto the tour. There are a number of self drive tours in the area and are all designated and named by the colour of car doors. In Lightening Ridge you don't have a letter box (no postal service) you have a car door. Mullock heaps if I've now seen one I've seen thousands. First stop is the 3 Mile Opal Mine where you can buy opals and meet the man who supposedly discovered Kate Ritchie and cast her onto Home and Away. This area is above the Lunatic Hill open cut mine. Government regulations dictate that until you can no longer dig underground then you can apply for an open cut permit.


From here it was a look at a corrugated iron church that was built for the movie "Goddess of 1967" then onto the tour of the underground mine. Once signed in, hard hat on and safety brief completed it was walk down many spiral stairs to roughly 22 metres underground. A walk through the mine leads us to an old iron bed, this is another set from the movie. When the owner was asked how much he got for the shoot which apparently took four weeks he said that when the production crew left town so did the woman who was caretaking and whatever money was paid.
.jpg   532 Lightening Ridge.jpg (Size: 190.72 KB / Downloads: 2,043)    

Next on the list was Amigo Castle which is hand built by a very old and eccentric Italian, that's an oxymoron all people who live in Lightening Ridge are eccentric. Then a quick tour of the town where we have a look a the racetrack a 1400 metre straight and the Olympic class diving complex with 50 metre pool and water park. This town is exceptional to say the least. One of the best tours I have ever been on and dropped off around 1 o'clock. I have the 'the intention of returning and spending a couple of days there is plenty to see.
.jpg   590 Lightening Ridge.jpg (Size: 291.47 KB / Downloads: 2,179)            

Now we need to keep heading in the direction of home. North to the border town of Hebel and a great lunch of home made pies, cakes and flavoured milk. Then onto Dirranbandi and a short cut of 65 kilometres of dirt road to another border town, Mungundi. A quick roadside stop at the Dareel rest area and there is a horrible sound coming from under Victor's bonnet. Unable to determine the cause of the noise, the car is nursed to Mungundi.

Overnight at free camp on the Queensland side of the border looking at the river.
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Re: Currawinya National Park 14 Sept - 22 Sept
Sunday 22 September

Attempt repairs to Victor's car, but can't identify the problem and suspect a dry bearing in the cam shaft. A drive out to view the 1 ton post a survey post marking the 29th parallel.

Onwards to Goondiwindi for lunch and fuel. Another 100 kilometres of good dirt road. From Goondiwindi to home with a break at Warwick to stretch the legs and become accustomed to the traffic that is steadily building.

I have to admit that the Patrol didn't survive the trip unscathed. We located a crack in rear door, after travelling a couple of hundred kilometres over corrugated road with about 50 kilograms of dead weight hanging off, something has to give. Now I'm in the market for a rear wheel carrier before repairs are undertaken.

We have come to the conclusion that the emu population is extremely healthy. If for every emu you see there are 10 that you don't, we saw thousands.
All up around 2500 kilometres driven. I'm ready to go again, TOMORROW.
27-09-2013, 01:02 AM,
Re: Currawinya National Park 14 Sept - 22 Sept
Wow what a Fantastic report!!
I am guessing this type of documentation may help in your line of work :?
You omitted the possibly 10 thousand or so Goats that also occupied many of the areas we traveled and camped, these things were huge - from a distance looked more like Horses and the Male Goats had huge assets that would make many a man feel in-adiquite.
I was concerned about the huge numbers in the park until we spoke to the all knowing publican at Hungerford, it seems that there is quite a large commercial concern herding the goats and taking them to be slaughtered for export to the USA, apparently there is a huge market there for them.

I am pleased to say I only suffered for a short time without Air Conditioning in the Troopy, while I could have replaced the pulley in Burke I decided to wait until the motor had cooled down the next morning at Lightening Ridge.. BTW do you know why the town was named that?
29-09-2013, 05:28 PM,
Re: Currawinya National Park 14 Sept - 22 Sept
Hello Darryl


What a story/trip report

I hung on every word and got lost with every pic

A lot of the pic's brought back memories of our 2012 trip

I am so sad I was taking part

22-12-2013, 09:54 PM, (This post was last modified: 29-04-2014, 05:10 PM by troopiepete.)
Re: Currawinya National Park 14 Sept - 22 Sept

I was just going through some of my Phone photo's and found these incriminating ones :oops:

.jpg   2013-09-19 12-39-46IMAG0177_resize.JPG (Size: 280.57 KB / Downloads: 527)                        
.jpg   2013-09-14 18-12-05IMAG0005_resize.jpg (Size: 130.59 KB / Downloads: 569)        

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