Paradise Lost?
24-06-2013, 09:56 PM,
Paradise Lost?
During our recent holidays, we had the pleasure of spending a week at Baffle Creek (between Bundaberg and Agnes Water) a beautiful part of the world that is still recovering from January’s devastating floods (the local tavern still hasn’t been rebuilt and maybe never will).

Sadly we came across another example of bureaucracy closing access – in this case Gladstone City Council has closed the vehicle access to Rules Beach. Yes there are legal issues around property ownership (fixed property lines are now some 30 metres in the water) but rather than deal with the property owners and issues, they have (literally) buried their heads in the sand and closed vehicle access, thereby ignoring the situation that if you walk the beach, you are trespassing on private property.

To compound the problem, Rules Beach is the only point of access to both Broadwater and Mouth of Baffle Creek Conservation Parks park and two popular (and now inaccessible) campgrounds. So not only do the locals no longer have access to the parks and beach fishing, the precious additional revenue generated from visitors to the park is no longer available to the community. As a final insult, the council has proposed access via Fingerfield Road “subject to adequate budget provisions” which, given that it is largely swamp and only accesses one of the camping grounds, would appear to be lip service only.

Not in my backyard/not my problem you say – well imagine you were in an area with a population the size of Baffle and trying to take on the city based local council, you’d want all the help you can get, and remember, next time it just may be your backyard…

So Queensland residents please take the time to sign the petition to try and get state government action at <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... etNum=2129</a><!-- m --> and everyone please join in by emailing (please include “Rules Beach Access” as the header) the Hon Jeff Seeney, MLA, Deputy Premier and Minister for State Development <!-- e --><a href="mailtoBig Grin[email protected]">[email protected]</a><!-- e --> and the Hon Steve Dickson MLA, Minister for National Parks, Sport Recreation and Racing <!-- e --><a href="mailto:[email protected]">[email protected]</a><!-- e --> and the Hon Stephen Bennett MLA, member for Burnett <!-- e --><a href="mailto:[email protected]">[email protected]</a><!-- e -->

I would suggest a simple copy and paste of the following, but feel free to add… :

This issue affects the public by our freedom to access State Conservation Parks at each end of Rules Beach and the public’s “right to own the beach and esplanade as originally surveyed”. The Gladstone City Council has closed access to the beach since December 2012. We are asking the State Government to adjudicate in what we see as an unjust closure of public access to Rules Beach and the Conservation Reserves.
Your sincerely”

Also, If you are a Queenslander, email and phone your local member so that he is aware of the problem and can add support.

If you are a member of another forum, please help spread the word…
Happy to provide further info on the issues and local contacts if you can help in any other way – either PM me 0r email us rossandcher @ yahoo . com

Please help us show the pollies and the locals that we can make a difference, and of course, if you are in the area, drop in…

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Re: Paradise Lost?
What assholes typical gov just abuse their powers

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