Peter & ED on Fraser July 2013
03-08-2013, 06:17 PM,
Peter & ED on Fraser July 2013
Why I love 12hr Shift work!

On Monday the 22nd of July I returned from 6 days 5 nights on Fraser Island camping with a mate ED from the 4WD world, this time was all during a 7 day RDO Period!!.

Both of us are set up for camping in our cars so we set out to explore a few spots up the north end of Fraser, the first two nights we camped at the Cape just off the beach with pristine views of the northern bay, we tried a little fishing but only managed to feed the baby fish, you could see the larger fish in the waves but they eluded capture!!
The whales managed to entertain us for many hours as they played out in the bay, I have to say during this trip I have never seen so many of these large creatures and so close to the beach!
This end of the island is only visited by a hand full of people hence we only had about 5 cars drive past the entire time.
For those that know and visit the Island all of the normal rocks are exposed but only just and are mostly passable even at high tide, the southern Nagala rocks bypass road is soft as usual but passable with little trouble providing you lower the tyre pressures.

On Friday we packed up camp (takes all of half an hour, and that is taking it slow) and headed south for a pie at the Orchard beach servo/hotel then made our way to Platypus bay, as some of you may know this track has been closed for many years but has recently been opened back up.. well it is open but the signs stating no one should pass are still up, but as we were told we could use the road we proceeded down to the beach where we parked our vehicles on the beach set up the shades and sat back watching even more whales and dolphins play in the very calm waters of the bay, we did try fishing but only managed to feed the schools of baby fish and one very annoying ray who took delight in sucking the fish right off the hooks!
We later found out that we should not have camped on that beach but I would do it again! During the entire time we only had one vehicle drive past and that was a ranger truck that buzzed past only to return about an hour later full of crab traps - not sure who they belonged to but we suspect the rangers were taking advantage of the fact they were the only ones able to drive from the entry to the beach road all the way down to Wathumba Creek, if that is the case I will be the first one to complain as I see no reason for us not being able to drive on that beach! But that is an issue for another discussion I guess.

Yesterday we departed our private beach site and headed over to the eastern beach and camped just south of Dundubara Camping area, we managed to sit back and watch yet more whales play in the surf some quite close others way off in the distance, as the tide rolled in several people started to fish and a few were actually managing to catch a few so about an hour before dark I wandered down to try my hand, loaded up with all the hooks, tracers and bait for Tailor I started to have a go, about my second baiting I had a really hard wack on the rod and lost the hook, tracer and sinker!! Something large had hit my line! Determined to get my revenge I set the rig back up and headed back down to the beach, after losing my bait a few times I got the strike all fishermen wait and live for! A nice size Tailor, I wasted no time in bleeding the fish and gutting it, headed back down for another try but as the sun as fading and it was getting cold I walked back up to camp where I assembled my fish smoker, with a generous rubbing of Garlic salt and butter the smoker was lit and I sat back waiting for the it all to cook..
I decided to give the mobile a try as I had not spoken to Narelle for a few days, just as I started a conversation Ed yells out fire! Looked over to my smoker and the table I had placed it on was well alight under the smoker! We managed to lift the smoker up and dowse it with water from my sink bucket but it made a real mess of the timber I had sat it on.. note to self get some fire proof board to sit the smoker on - LOL fortunately the fish was cooked and not wrecked by the extra smoke, need I say it was delicious! I can tell you I am keen to go back and have another try, just so I can eat that ever so tasty fish once again!

Today we both managed to sleep into about 7am, after the shades dried off and I packed up camp we headed south firstly calling in at the Maheno Wreck, wow has that deteriorated in the past few years! I don't think it will be many more years until it's almost all falling in to the sea and possibly taken away because it's dangerous!
Then we wandered down to Eli Creek where we go the usual fill of eye candy and a short stroll up the water way, must say the creek was the lowest I have ever seen it and considering the day temperature was only in the early 20's the water was not all that cold - in summer it's like stepping in to ice water!
The creek currently is running slightly to the south and almost straight out to sea, I guess it will take a few more high seas with heaps of sand behind them to change it back to a deeper pond on the beach, this creek has changed its beach end shape and direction so many times in the 12 years I have been visiting so I have no doubt it will once again be deeper and look more inviting.
Mind you the almost constant run of young female back packers arriving either by bus or Troopy makes visiting the place worthwhile no matter how it looks.. as the supply of visitors is often evenly mixed Narelle also enjoyed sitting back under our shade for almost half the time we visited last October :-)

Alas as all good trips must end I proceeded ever so south around hook point and onto the barge to inskip point then on to Rainbow beach, picked up a Pie then back onto the beach heading around the currently almost non-existent rocks, past the rainbow sands onto double island point and around to Cooloola Beach then south to north Noosa, cross the ferry then back on the highway home..
I have spent around an hour washing down and unpacking the Troopy, it will need a bit more rust preventative work but all worth the time I spent at one of my favourite spots on this earth.

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05-08-2013, 04:11 PM,
Re: Peter & ED on Fraser July 2013
I don't know why these postal workers go off the deep end......... They obviously don't have your job....... unless the stress of trying to fill in all those days off is too much !!!! he he
06-08-2013, 11:43 PM,
Re: Peter & ED on Fraser July 2013
Maybe because it's only the Technicians that have 12hr shifts :-)
We have heaps of pressure from above to change to 8hr shifts but due to Post being a 24/6 operation and we need to be there whenever the Machines are operating, 12hr shifts are the only way to provide full coverage.

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