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Forum Rules - Please read
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Forum Rules - Please read

Welcome to the River City 4WD club of Brisbane, Queensland Australia forum.

This forum has been created for the use by Australian Four Wheel Drive owners and friends.
If you create an account please introduce yourself in - within  a month or your account will be automatically deleted.

I am sorry if this sounds restrictive but we do not want any spam accounts on the forum, if you join then please tell us who you are!
I realise there is a lot of personal information required but we don't want invisible people so if you don't want us knowing who you are then simple DO NOT make an account!
If you have a valid cause to not tell us who you are and still wish to create an account please send an email to admin.

This forum is run for the benefit of club members and other people interested in 4WD Driving, Camping and Touring.

Please place topics in the relevant forum areas and please keep it to a strictly G rated topics,

Discussing non 4WD topics is permitted but remember opinions expressed are of the person expressing them and not of the club so please do not use this Forum for personal slander or illegal activities.

One final requirement:

All posts MUST be in English so all members can read them, clearly some terms used in 4WD and Technical description at times may be garble to some but this is acceptable, what we will not tolerate is a full post in another language, This forum is for the use of members and Friends of the River City 4WD Club of Brisbane Australia and most of us only speak one Language - English.

Any Members found disobeying this rule will have there post removed and if the offense continues your account will be deleted.

Peter Richens - VK4FSD
Site Admin
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