New to the forum
29-12-2013, 09:53 PM,
New to the forum
Hi There
I came across this forum when researching another Cape Trip to do this year,
I did a trip last year with a group of 60 series Landcruisers owners but was unable to do the telegraph track due to technical issues,
I am hoping to do another trip this year in July and hope to have enough time to see the sights, 4x4ing and do a bit of fishing along the way
I have a 1985 60 series Cruiser and a 83 Sahara, both turbo diesels and a 1995 GXL 80 series 4.5ltr petrol which I hope to do the next cape trip in
I suppose I might be classed as an IT nerd as my job is to oversee IT and Communications for a state wide legal firm
30-12-2013, 02:44 AM,
Re: New to the forum
Hi Len

Welcome to the Forum,
Funny thing is I am currently working on a spreadsheet of places to see and possible paths to take.
I am keen to speak to people that have been there done that for things to look out for or places that simply are not worth looking at, mind you I am aware that we are all different and what interests you may not not interest me and so on...

Wow you seem to be a collector of all things 4WD, ok may be not all but you certainly have a few more than the average guy.

The IT world is one I once worked in, sort of wished I still did but the slump post 2000 had most companies finishing up IT contractors and I sort of got caught up in that, not much call for a Novell CNE these days, so I eventually fell back on my original qualifications as an Electrician and have been working in a Maintenance and support field since 2005, it's all shift work and a 24/6 sometimes 24/7 operation hence why I am currently at work now.. did I mention support hence not real tied up sometimes Wink also most of it's 12hr shifts so 3 days a week or 6 days/nights a fortnight and the rest of the time is mine - hence why you will notice short notice mid week trips popping up from time to time, often public holidays also don't mean much as my work needs to operate for the next days delivery's.

If you are interested in speaking more about the Cape or meeting up with us feel free to pop into a meeting or on an outing, no pressure to join the club but it's there if you want to. Normally after attending two trips we usually expect you to join.

Anyway welcome to the Forum, have a fantastic new year and looking forward to meeting up sometime in the near future.
30-12-2013, 11:36 AM,
Re: New to the forum
Hi Peter
Thanks for the warm welcome, my cape trip last year was great and as you mentioned, everybody is different and the trip showed me that there are at least three types of travellers, there was the hard core 4wd'ers that wanted to experience every track possible, the camper/fishermen that were happy to stop, relax and or fish whenever they got the chance and the sightseers that wanted to experience as many points of interest as possible. that said; everyone seemed to have two goals in common, that was to experience the telegraph track and to reach the tip together.
Looking back on this now it is possible to say that maybe we could have made three travel groups with itineraries that included what each group really wanted to get out of their cape experience, there is something to be said about planning and not comprising on what YOU want out of YOUR trip
For me, I want this years trip to be a mixture of sightseeing, fishing and camping with rest days for exploring along the way and of course no trip to the cape would be complete without doing the telegraph track and a picture in front of the sign telling us that we are at the northern most point of the continent. this year I hope to spend 21 days leaving from Cairns in early July 2014 to explore & fish the cape coming back to Lake Tinaroo for a couple of days R&R before heading to Winton (dinosaur tracks) and Longreach (Qantas and the stockmen's hall of fame) before heading home. A big trip I know, but I hope to get 5 weeks off work for the trip. . I suppose this response should be somewhere else on the forum but, for now it is here Smile


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