Pets on Club Trips and events
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Pets on Club Trips and events
Hi Everyone

This is the official blurb on taking your pets on clubs events

It is an interesting read as the legal opinion is not straightforward as the responsibility of damages can change once challenge

.pdf   Pets on 4wd events.pdf (Size: 1.95 MB / Downloads: 892)


please have a read and you are sure to have an opinion

10-04-2014, 08:37 AM,
Pets on Club Trips and events
I can't post in the other thread about this so thought I would post here.

It is certainly an interesting read.

I would like to see the original letter that it refers to with regard to the snake bite and the bull injuring somebody to get the general jist of the scenarios presented.

With regard to the Broker stating that the public liability insurance underwriter (Sports Underwriting Australia) has indicated that damage/injury caused by a members pet would not be covered, why was the email or selected sections of the email that would have quoted the relevant clauses not been included.

The statement that the manageent of the club could also be sued , with the President being specifically named, is surely common knowledge. Why do they not also include the fact that such proceedings are very rarely successful and are usually dismissed by the court.The court does not readily make a person responsible for another persons actions that are beyond their control such as failing to control an animal. If someone fell down stairs at a meeting would the President be able to be sued ? Yes he would , would such action be successful not very likely.(not a good example ,but you get the idea)
It is also worth noting that underwriters now offer management insurance to cover the management committee in the case of such actions being taken and remove the possibility of personal loss to the committee.(could this be part of the reason for this communication)

The one case that the club could be liable is if permission to bring pets is granted and then the trip travels through animal restricted areas.The member would then have a case for the club paying the fines.

I have read through the public liability policies I have and contacted the underwriter and they have informed me they have nothing in their policy that would exclude damage/injury caused by animals. They did state that they would probably pursue the animals owner to recover costs if practicable.
10-04-2014, 09:49 PM,
Re: Pets on Club Trips and events

Must admit to not following this topic, may be I should have but I think it's something being made out of nothing!
Although it's happening way too often that way too many people are getting away with stupid claims and often getting money so more try the tricks!

We need a basic change in the way courts react to claims like this, basically they should throw out cases like these before they ever get tied up in the system.
People need to start taking responsibility for there own actions rather then trying to blame on things on others.

Anyway I am moving this topic into the cit chat area so people can comment on it..
12-04-2014, 07:53 AM,
Re: Pets on Club Trips and events
Interesting read
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RE: Pets on Club Trips and events
opening an old wound here............. Tongue

We circumvented this issue (I won't go to the extent of calling it an "association directive" but it was close and furiously debated at both WA4WDA committee meetings and the delegates meetings) by simply adding this clause to the club's code of ethics....

" Dogs are allowed on trips at the discretion of the Trip Leader, this will be promulgated when the
trip is posted to the forum. Dog owners are reminded that they and only they are responsible for all
actions associated with their dog."

..............and this on the trip log sheet............which is signed by every participant..........

" The Club and Trip Leader accept no liability for any damage or injury to persons or

property caused by dogs attending trips and owners accept all responsibility for all actions associated with their dog. If dogs act inappropriately whilst on the trip, you will / may be asked to leave."

It was the trip leaders discretion as to a "fur" member of the family attending however, trip location and/or suitability for the furry member to attend was/is a major consideration. ie national parks etc.
03-01-2017, 07:03 PM,
RE: Pets on Club Trips and events
Hey sir Lez

It is unreadable

04-01-2017, 12:09 PM,
RE: Pets on Club Trips and events

If you click on the .pdf it will download and you can read it fine.  Don't click and open the image.  It's also an original post from April 2014.

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