Hi all
18-07-2014, 09:14 PM,
Hi all
I am Hosie
Live Springfield just moved here from Vic and I am missing all the good tracks down there.
I need to find a club / friends to show me around .
I can go 4wheeling almost any day as I am casually working never know which days I have work

I own an 80 series
I am experienced and own all the gear that you need ( OK you can never own it all) but I have what I need to get out of the muck (most of the time) except follow 4 wheelers that is, as I have no friend yet in Qld. (just moved here)
So sort of reluctant to go out by myself with out a back up . I used to go out all the time by myself in Vic . its was good know I could call someone if need be even if they were a few hours away
Plus I have no idea where the good tracks are
so I thought I would join the forum
19-07-2014, 10:32 PM,
Smile  RE: Hi all
Hi Hosie
Welcome to the forumWink
I hope you notice the difference in temperature from Victoria
if not you soon will
the days up here really warm up after a cold morning most days Big Grin

we are approaching our annual general meeting on 13 August this year at Muriel Ave Moorooka at 7.30 and will have a little celebration for the year past and you are welcome to come along and join us Cool
we usually plan for an outing once a month, but there are other trips that some of the guys arrange on a couple days notice cause they work shifts and get odd times off

They are usually put on the forum for those who are interested
so stay tuned

Hope to see you there

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