Spam and changes to the Forum
24-12-2015, 02:51 PM,
Spam and changes to the Forum

Over the past month we have been attracting a few spam accounts and some have been posting material we don't want on this forum!

I thank our moderators for finding these accounts and taking the appropriate actions to block the accounts,
If you notice activity not aligned with out charter please ban the user or send admin an email with the user id and activity information.

I have changed several of the forum account creation details and how posts are displayed to users, some of your information is now available to club members and moderators but should not be available to the general public, I have changed the way these things are displayed as we the club members need to be able to see if a user is valid or a Spam account.
Typically spam accounts do not put correct details for Name, 4WD and Location.

As part of the work today I have re-arranged many of the forum entries so if you cannot find it - look elsewhere!
Also some of you have been posting in areas reserved for general information about the club - please check the forum details for each area before you post!
These areas have general restrictions that prevent normal users from posting but if you are a club admin or board member you will often be able to edit or add posts..
Please read before you do.

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