20170211 Janowen Hills
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20170211 Janowen Hills
Proposed weekend getaway to Janowen Hills.
1953 Inverramsey road, Goomburra.

Saturday 11th Feb to 12th Feb.

Great park. plenty of tracks to explore and a nice creek to have a dip in when its hot.
Camping fees: $12 per adult per night / $7 per child (5-15yrs) per night
4WD fees: $28 (1 to 8 days) per day if camping / $25 day trip rate.
Payments made at the shop 4km further up the road past the entrance to Janowen Hills. (Note: There is no EFTPOS).
Pets are allowed.

Post your interest for joining this event on this thread.
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RE: 20170211 Janowen Hills
Looks like Wendy and I wont be able to join you first up Saturday morning as I have to work till mid afternoon, but we will head up after that so hope to be up there before dark.

06-02-2017, 01:03 PM,
RE: 20170211 Janowen Hills
Can we have a show off numbers on people that are thinking of heading up this weekend.
Please post your intention to this thread.

06-02-2017, 04:07 PM,
RE: 20170211 Janowen Hills
We should be going for at least one of the days if not overnight.
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RE: 20170211 Janowen Hills
        Well with the heat on this weekend of the trip I didn't quite know what we were going to be in for.
When we started to head up the range the temp was 44 and on the top went down to 38 but once we got away from the top and along the flats the temp went back up around the 43 dec but there was a breeze.

Once we paid and arrived at the camp we found a nice spot near the gate to the creek with some shade, we started to put up the 6x3 shade and unload the cars.
Once done we grabbed a cool drink and headed down to the creek to find a nice cool place to sit in the water to cool off. After our refreshing splash around kris and I jumped in his 80s and headed of to the eastern part of the part to have a look at some tracks that we will take the next morning with some new visitors to the club to make sure the trip will be passable with a little bit of technical section to test out the prospected new members arriving back at camp just after dark for dinner.  
The night was very pleasant for sleeping as a good breeze was blowing and beaning in the roof top tent caught we took vantage of as much breeze as possible.

 After a cool night sleep we were up having breakfast and by 9am Tim & Chevonne  (3l Patrol) and Peter & Barb (2003? Pajero) arrived and it was start into letting tires down and loading up and heading off to go exploring the park. what better way to start than with a rocky creek crossing and then off to head up a rocky little hill climb with a lot of laughter and banter over the UHF. After concurring the hill climb what goes up must go down and we had a nice (scary) little surprise as part of the track was closed off so we had to turn hard left and head down a side track with no sight of the track once you turned till you were facing down hill. With Kris leading the way with Peter in the Pajero behind the challenge was set, Peter and co hoped out to have a look at where he was about to put his Pajero and with a few cheeky comments all jhoped back in and started they way over the edge. Once over and with one wheel loosing contact with the ground the Pajero was on its way down hill fast until all wheel come back into contact with the ground and then the engine compression took over and slowed down there decent. Next it was Tim and Chevonne turn in the patrol and after watching Peter go over the edge Tim took it real slow and headed over and down the hill with all down the bottom cheering on. After all made it to the bottom it was of to the other side of the park with a few more testing sections along the way, once we made it to the quarry area we stopped and show them some of the hill climbs and tracks through out the quarry play area. I headed off to see how far the D max suspension will stretch over one of the side tracks with some wombat holes to traverse and the D max did it with ease, seeing this little track the Pajero and Patrol followed around and gave it a go as well with both making the pass after a couple of goes with a little assistance over the UHF. Then it was some driver changes happening so all can have a go at passing over this little track and then of course it was Kris was up to putting his 80s up one of the other hill climbs and with a little right foot was able to clear the crest of the hill in a dust cloud. 

After we all had some fun in the quarry we lined up again and headed up to the look outs for some more step hill climbs and some great views through the valleys then heading back down and over through the play pen to the 3rd camp ground and under the huge tree for some lunch before heading off again through the Creek run and around the fence line and back to camp to pack up and head of to every-ones favorite the Condamine George for a cooling swim and a different way home than down the range with everybody else.            

I would like to thank on behalf of River City 4WD Club Tim and Chevonne and kids, Peter and Barb and Chloe for coming along this weekend to Janowen Hills and we hope to see you all again at one off our next outings.
21-02-2017, 09:47 PM,
RE: 20170211 Janowen Hills
Thanks for that fantastic report Steve Wink

It's moments like these that you are pleased to have traction control aids like lockers Cool

Really wish I could have attended but well .. yep Tassie was calling.

Hope the visitors or prospective members had fun and we will be seeing more of them really soon.

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