Francis Birtles the original outback adventurer
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Francis Birtles the original outback adventurer
If you have never heard of him he crossed Australia many times on a bicycle motorcycle and car and Travelled from England to Melbourne by car

Vic Moon has written up quite some detail on the guy who paved the way  in the 1920's way before 4wd did

He is arguably Australia's greatest motoring adventurer and was an acclaimed hero of his time and he really was the first to drive from the UK to Australia - unlike some university students who claimed they were the 'first overland' in the 1950s. Ron and Viv Moon relate his story.

click on this link to read stacks more
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RE: Francis Birtles the origingal outback adventurer
Thanks Les,

What a great read.
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RE: Francis Birtles the original outback adventurer
Well It looks like the last link has been lost but we have more information on the Great Adventurer Francis Birtles  which tracks his beginnings on pushbikes to car across Australia and the World

Do yourself a Favour and revisit his life long adventures as he was the First and just the best by a country mile

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