2019 06 01 CSR
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2019 06 01 CSR
It's been on the Agenda for many people and if all things work out it will be on ours for 2019..
The CSR, for those in the cold - The Canning Stock Route - Western Australia

Details still very raw at this stage and this will be baked over the next few months.

First - Most important part:-
Trip Starts Saturday 1st June 2019
Trip Finishes Saturday 20th July 2019
Yes you have it 50 Days - or 6 Weeks - Do you think you could handle it? ** Now 53 to 54 Days including the Big Red Bash!!

This is a Very remote trip with a total travel distance from Brisbane being possibly more than 11,000Km
The Actual CSR is over 2000Km and while there are refuelling places you should consider being able to carry fuel for a large distance - Possibly 1000km.
Also There will be little to no shops for much of the trip so you need to carry both Water and Food for a Minimum or 2 weeks or more.

Clearly this is a huge trip so your vehicle needs to be in top condition and you need to carry spare parts such as Filters, Belts and hoses
Also depending on your car spare wheel bearings and Grease plus Oil may be a good idea.

Weight is not your Friend on trips like this so keeping it to a minimum is the key.
So that spare Alternator, Starter Motor and Axles may be best left at home.. That is unless you often need parts like this!!

Early in the new year I will look at gathering interested Parties for a meeting to ponder over finer details
If new members are joining the trip we may also look at doing a short weekend trip so we can get to know you - spending 6 weeks with people you can't get along with is not fun.

A Few other things to think about

This is a VERY Remote part of out country and the trip covers a huge part of our country.
There are several Permits required and they are not cheap - Details will follow.
I have now included a Simpson Desert crossing and SA Deserts Parks permit is required for this.
Water is very important and you need to be able to refill as we travel as caring enough for the entire trip is not practical - there will be places we can get good clean water but not always - having the ability to carry non drinking water would be a plus for Bathing and other washing needs, a pump and filter system would be worth considering.
Toilet needs will be your responsibility, we may look at setting up a camp Toilet but don't rely on it - if you don't like doing it in the wild - don't come!

While I would like to think we can keep daily travel to a easy 9am to 4pm pace there may be a few days we need to travel longer to reach our goals in a reasonable time - Remember much of the roads will be Dirt and not 100Km/h so you need to have the ability to setup and packup in the Dark and be happy doing this...
Preferably this will not happen but often just finding a good camp site on the road side requires us to travel just that little bit further than otherwise desired.
The Golden rule is we need to start looking for both Firewood and a camp site before it starts getting dark - remember when driving west we are looking into the setting sun.

Over the next months I will get more details, I have put together a travel guide so we can work out just how much time will be needed for each part, also some of the details need to be finalised as this trip also is based around the Fink Races - but just how much will is yet to be sorted.

A Quick run down of the plan.

1 - Either Winton for a quick trip to see the Dino's or Longreach Hall of Fame (we have about a day free at this stage)
2 - Fink Races - the early stages
3 - Ayers Rock - not all may stay at the Rock depending on the Race commitments
4 - The CSR - Starting at the Southern end - Finishing at Wolf Creek.
5 - Via Alice Springs - Dalhousie Springs via Mt Dare
6 - Dalhousie to Birdsville via the Simpson Desert
7 - Big Red Bash 16th to 18th July
8 - The Dig Tree
9 - Home

There are many things to see on the way and some we may be able to stop at but others not..
Depending on how the trip is progressing we may change our plans to see more or less - Time permitting, 
Things to consider, not all may wish to attend the Fink Races this would be fine, so you could arrive in Alice later making your trip shorter OR go travelling around Alice Springs. 

The only part that is fixed is the beginning of the CSR, this part we must all do at the same time - otherwise you will be running your own trip..

I am now on the 4th revision of the Travel Planner 
Main change is a Trip across the Simpson desert.

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RE: 2019 06 01 CSR
The Question was asked of estimated cost for this trip..

Well Many things enter that equation and to be honest many things like the cost of Fuel will not be known until we are actually filling up our beasts!
My Troopy seems to not vary a great deal between sand and tar driving but clearly when under load it will use more..
The next cost will be accommodation in some places, we will free camp as often as we can but to be away for 50 days without washing our cloths and ourselves will be not right so there will be some time spent doing this and not all of us have facilities for this - washing cloths easy.. Drying not so when traveling all the time.

Also I personally like to get a rest from setting up camp and will be booking a room at some places - sharing is an option for some so this will help to lower the cost but not always.

Food - ok we have to eat anyway but there will be a chance to buy both lunch and dinner, even Breakfast in some places so there will be additional cost for this.

Finally there is the cost of permits - the ones I know of currently

CSR Main - $100
CSR Other - $50
SA Deserts Pass - $170
There will be others..

So yes this will be an expensive trip - estimated just for me around $7,000 and this is not allowing for any repairs I need to do on the Troopy or dare I say failures on the way!

I am working on a costing sheet as part of the trip Planner - Prices at this stage are all guestemates and many will stay that way until actually on the trip.
I hope the prices and fuel usage are worst case but may not be far from the real figures..
Over the next few weeks I will do some investigation and get as close as Possible real figures.

I have recently updated estimated Fuel prices as we really have no idea just how stupid they will get.. 

.xlsx   Fink Gunbarrel Canning Simpson 2019 20181105 estimte.xlsx (Size: 60.03 KB / Downloads: 23)

Latest travel plan including the Big Red Bash -

.xlsx   Copy of Fink Gunbarrel Canning Simpson 2019 20181211 estimte.xlsx (Size: 59.97 KB / Downloads: 1)
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RE: 2019 06 01 CSR
Saving information of interest

Attached Files
.txt   CSR Places to stop.txt (Size: 2.23 KB / Downloads: 23)
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RE: 2019 06 01 CSR
Hi Guys just  found this
you will probably top up your fuel at WARAKURNA Road House just inside the WA border going west from Uluru and just north of that is the Giles Weather station that would be worth a visit 
originally set up to watch the Atomic Bomb tests from a safe distance they converted it to a weather station which it still fulfils today

Giles Weather Station
The Giles Weather Station is a fully functioning meteorological observation station base at Warakurna Community.  Visitors can schedule a tour of the station and view the daily release of the observation balloon
Please note that the Giles Weather Station operates un Central Standard Daylight Savings Time (GMT + 10.30)
For more information please visit - 
ABC have blurb on it too so check that out

Check out ABC's Landline just 48 mins into the program it starts with a more detailed view of the weather station and who knows if you watch it you wont need to visit it hahahaha

Have lots of fun you lucky buggers
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RE: 2019 06 01 CSR
This is a summery of the trip and important dates

Day 1- 1st June - Sunday -Depart Brisbane - Early Meeting point TBA

Day 6 - 6th June - Thursday - Arrive in Alice Springs

Day 7 - 7th June - Friday - Fink Races Start

Day10 - 10th June - Monday - Last day of Fink Races

Day 11- 11th June - Tuesday - Arrive at Ayres Rock

Day 12- 12th June - Wednesday - Depart Ayres Rock

Day 14- 14th June - Friday - CSR - Wiluna then Well 1.

Day 34- 3rd July - Wednesday - End of CSR for us -  Camp at Wolfe Creek

Day 37- 7th July - Sunday -  Alice Springs - TBA

Day 42- 11th July - Thursday - Camp at Dalhousie Springs

Days 43 to 45 12th to 15th July - Simpson Desert... Rig Road

Day 46- 16th July - Tuesday - Big Red Bash - 16th to the 18th - I have now booked for the event and extended my Leave to the 27th of July..
Day 47- 17th July - Wednesday - Big Red Bash
Day 48- 18th July - Thursday - Big Red Bash
Day 49- 19th July - Friday - This may be still at the Bash depending on exit difficulties due to high numbers.

Day 50- 20th July - Saturday - The Dig Tree - Possibly

Day 51- 21st July - Monday - ??

Day 52- 22nd July - Tuesday - NindyGully Pub.

Day 53- 23rd July - Wednesday - Home

All Days and Dates may Differ as the trip progresses but as you can see it would be possible for you to join us almost at any stage - provided A. you let us know B. you are at that point by the time you indicate.
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RE: 2019 06 01 CSR
For those interested in attending the Big Red Bash attached is an information paper on camping and activities.

A few points worth noting,

There are no Showers at the Camp site..
There is no water at the Camp Site.
There will be some food and drinks for sale but all purchases must be cash as no fpos

Once we are at the Camp site our cars will be stuck there until the end of the event.

and the BIG one... Big Red is closed from the 14th so sorry no driving up it.

.pdf   Big Red Bash 2019 Important Information.pdf (Size: 1.51 MB / Downloads: 1)

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