LS11 and LS15 Draft
12-02-2019, 04:21 PM,
LS11 and LS15 Draft
An email received from 4WDQLD

This email from TMR, is so your club have an opportunity to review and provide any input on the draft QCOP G11 and G15; modifications leading to the rerating of the Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) of an in-service light vehicle (GVM 4,500 kg or less).

Feedback in relation to the draft codes can be provided, using the attached templates, via email to [email protected] by Thursday 28 February 2019.

Hi Shane and Miles,

 You may be interested in the email below which has been sent to a broad range of stakeholders in relation to proposed amendments to the LS11 code and the introduction of a new code LS15 within the Queensland Code of Practice. The codes relate primarily to gross vehicle mass (GVM) increases.  

 Some work was done last year on these proposed codes and the Department of Transport and Main Roads has been liaising with the Commonwealth Government and other jurisdictions before producing this latest draft of the codes.  The LS15 code was developed at the request of equipment suppliers to allow certification of modifications in rural and remote Queensland. The LS11 code is an existing code that required updating for a variety of reasons including advice provided by the Commonwealth Government.

 The email below is pretty self-explanatory but if you have any questions or want anything clarified please let me know.

 Any feedback that you want to provide personally can come back through me. If your members would like to provide feedback, it can come back through the vehicle standards address listed below.  



Last year, the Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) drafted a new Light Vehicle Modification Code LS15 for incorporating into the Queensland Code of Practice for Light Vehicle Modifications (QCoP), and proposed amendments to the existing LS11 code.

TMR shared the draft codes with industry stakeholders and sought feedback to ensure the best possible outcome for industry and government.

Since that time, TMR and industry received clarification from the Commonwealth Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development and Cities (DIRDC) on approvals issued by them for Second Stage of Manufacture (SSM).  DIRDC also confirmed that while they have approved a limited number of Braked Towing Mass increases under SSM approval, no Gross Combination Mass increases have been approved under SSM approval.

To reflect the advice from DIRDC, and in response to industry feedback to last year’s consultation, TMR has made further changes to the draft codes. TMR is again seeking your input on the amended drafts (as attached).

TMR is happy to meet with stakeholders to discuss options if required. This is a further opportunity for industry and TMR to work together to ensure the final codes reflect the needs of industry and the travelling public, whilst at the same time ensuring a safe outcome for all. The new codes will not be released until all feedback is considered which will include consultation with other state and territory jurisdictions.

Feedback in relation to the draft codes can be provided, using the attached templates, via email to [email protected] byThursday 28 February 2019.

Thank-you again for taking the time to consider the proposed codes.

Some key points to note:

 1.      The LS15 code allows Approved Persons to certify physical modifications leading to the rerating of the Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) of an in-service light vehicle (GVM 4,500 kg or less) when those modifications conform to the specifications contained in the relevant LS11 design certification. In addition to meeting the requirements in the LS15 code, the certification must reflect the process specified in the design package in the relevant LS11 design certification issued for the vehicle of same make/model/variant/chassis series. It is important to note that the LS15 code is not to be used in isolation, but only when you have a relevant LS11 design certification to go with it.

 2.      The LS15 code is for certifying GVM upgrade as per the relevant LS11 design certification. Neither LS15 nor LS11 codes are to be used for certifying changes to GCM rating of a vehicle.

 3.      The LS11 code can continue to be used as a combined design and modification code to certify GVM rerating on its own, without having to use the new LS15 code.

4.      The qualifications for the revised LS11 code will remain unchanged. For the new LS15 code, the required qualification will be Level-2 or higher, as per the Business Rules. Level-2 is a trade-based qualification. It is considered appropriate for the new LS15 code and will facilitate certification of physical modifications in a much wider area of Queensland. I provide the following link to the qualification table for your convenience:

 5.      At present there is no provision under the QCoP to certify changes to the GCM rating, given no SSM approvals for GCM upgrades have been issued from DIRDC. The GCM rating, where it is provided by the original vehicle manufacturer, cannot be exceeded.

 6.      In the rare situation where the original vehicle manufacturer has not published the GCM rating, the tow vehicle may be loaded to its rated GVM (including any tow ball weight) and it can tow a trailer, the loaded mass of which does not exceed the maximum towing mass rating of that vehicle, provided the load rating of the towing equipment is not exceeded. Note: that this is not part of the LS11 or LS15 certification, and as such should not be shown on the modification plate or Load Capacity Label.

 7.      The codes LS11 and LS15 are about GVM re-rating. The matter of rerating of GCM and/or towing capacity is being separately considered by the national Single Issue Working Group (SIWG) for VSB-14 under the auspices of Australian Motor Vehicle Certification Board. At its recent meeting held in Canberra in November 2018, the VSB-14 SIWG group agreed to explore the feasibility of developing a technical requirement document. Consultation with industry will occur when the code is available.
8.      The Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association has also indicated to both State and Federal Governments that it is working on developing a testing regime that would be sufficient to allow for a GCM upgrade as part of a new code for consideration by government. 


.docx   Form for Feedback on Draft Modification Code LS15.docx (Size: 14.45 KB / Downloads: 519)
.docx   LS15 Code Consultation Draft Jan 2019.docx (Size: 32.86 KB / Downloads: 600)
.docx   Form for Feedback on Draft Modification Code LS11.docx (Size: 14.44 KB / Downloads: 520)
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