Holiday Home 'Beoir Olann Teach' 'For Rent'
07-12-2011, 03:54 PM,
Holiday Home 'Beoir Olann Teach' 'For Rent'
We have previously had our house on Macleay Island rented out permanently but have now decided to offer it for rent as a Week-ender/Holiday Home.

We're offering 'River City' financial members a 10% discount if booked through our web site. We also have it listed on 'Rent a Home' so if anyone's interested please make sure you say you saw it on the 'River City' web site. (to get the discount)

We've only just listed this week and December is nearly taken.


07-12-2011, 07:22 PM,
Re: Holiday Home 'Beoir Olann Teach' 'For Rent'
Hi Mick

Very interesting will have to look into the non-peak areas and see if this may be a destination for a trip sometime in 2012.
Question, is the yard suited for camping, idea being that one family could book the house and possibly a second family could camp either in a tent or take a van but share the facilities... just asking :roll:

I am guessing by the size of the house it could be suited to two couples also booking in so this may also be a possibility.

What are the beaches like on the eastern side, any good for swimming and/or Fishing?
Just trying to work out what one could do during the stay...

I think we may have visited the island some time back as My Wife ad some relatives living on Russell island, we visited several times and also camped over at xmas time - was hot sticky and heaps of midges - not very pleasant at all, but my guess is they are not like that all through the year?
08-12-2011, 07:37 PM,
Re: Holiday Home 'Beoir Olann Teach' 'For Rent'
Hi Pete
Mate the land is big enough for a tent but the septic system wouldn't be able to handle two families. Six people is the max.

Sorry I can't comment on the fishing, I haven't actually done any over there. (shore fishing that is) but there are a couple of safe swimming areas, with sandy beaches. Great for small kids, no strong currents or really deep water. Obviously no surf.

Our home is up high on a hill with breezes most of the time. We don't have any problems at all with midges just the odd mozzie dawn and dusk. Having said that we regularly sit on the deck (with a beer) with no great mozzie problems. Hot and sticky in summer probably everywhere, but reverse cycle split air conditioners fix that.

Probably not a holiday location for teenagers, no shopping centres, cinemas etc, but we love it, peace and quiet with a bit of boating thrown in.


Never rains but it pours, just had a query about four days over the Aust Day Holiday.

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